Cancer New Moon

The Moon is New in Cancer  July 4th at 4:01 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. This New Moon is the perfect reset in areas of life dealing with emotional intuition, nurturing and security. Are there areas in your life which would be enhanced by a kinder internal voice? How do you feed yourself with foods, comforts, space to be creative?

The Sabian symbol is “A Hand That Is Held Out Receptively, Is Remarkable For The Suggestion Of Character In Its Prominent Thumb.” The imagery suggests the ability to fold others into the strong embrace of the self and hold our togetherness without losing ourselves. Boho Cancer is our guide as we sail into the new lunar month, a phase where we are all a little more sensitive, a little more arty, a little bit cooler. Remember to feel all the feels because in the immortal words of astrologer Linda Rose, “To feel is to heal.”


*Photo Credit from the Book of Wonders


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