July Horoscopes

Oh July! Mars goes direct after being retrograde since April and though it will begin slowly, not picking up full speed until August, those with a lot of martian energy will start to feel the blood returning to their extremities. For those of you observing the astro weather, yes, the Venus/Pluto opposition is all about transformation through relationships. Throw in square Uranus, and we are in the taboo zone, overthrowing the comfortable and possibly constricting in favor of ch ch changes!  For best results, read your sun/moon/rising signs!


Cancer/Rising: No, it’s not your imagination, you are the most popular kid at school right now. Or are you?! I’m embarrassed to say that it was only a couple of years ago that I myself learned the big lesson about not everyone who says you’re great and smiles a lot really means it. Sometimes people pleasers have their own agenda and it’s nothing to do with you. However that doesn’t mean you aren’t in fact FABULOUS. The New Moon in Cancer on the 4th sees you bright and shiny and ready to turn a corner. Inner change is wonderfully supported and your intuitive powers are at their peak. Mars going direct in your house of love, after being retro since April, brings clarity and action. Are you ready? You are SO ready.

Leo/Rising: That thing you do where you’ve got all your shiite together and you can help me get mine together and you know what time it is and you know what’s up and it’s all good because you’ve got it all figured out. Yeah, no one believes that. You’ve been taking some knocks and being able to verbalize your analysis of it doesn’t minimize the emotional impact. It’s okay to cry and just feel the sucky feels for a while. Everything doesn’t have to be all good all the time. In fact, I suggest you focus on the art of being imperfect throughout July, do things wrong, feel the wrong things at the wrong time and generally just fall apart and go to seed. Are you following this? Stop trying to look good, stop trying to be a good student, a good crazy, a good patient or even a good girl or boy. For July to grow that new soul dimension,  you gotta be our Mad Hot Messiah of Messes. Are you up for this part? You’ve been training forever.

Virgo/Rising: Dear Virgin, if I am reading the cosmic vibes correctly, you may be about to fall in Lurve. Virgos have a startling capacity to go it alone for long periods of time, a capacity rivaled only by Scorpio. The Omens say that if it isn’t love of another human, it may be love of a fictional character or a new exotic fruit you’ve never tried. The Full Moon in your house of Romance and Creativity asks us to take a look at what inspires. Interestingly your house of fun is ruled by the no-nonsense Capricorn which is currently hosting that sexy death/transformation salesman Pluto, as he slices his way through the zodiac, razing the old and readying us for the new. Use July to plan your vows, on the night of the Full Moon you are destined to marry your Truest Self, the one that sees in the dark and doesn’t apologize for their Virgo magic. Are you worthy of this gift? The Gods say yas!

Libra/Rising: There’s a new word to learn in July, it’s pronounced N-O. Like KNOW. Say it often, say it with no other words around it. Let it punctuate your silences. The good news is the worst is behind you. Almost. The crazy that has been plaguing you is on the wane. July, particularly the New Moon, is about about WERQ. Doors open and pathways appear where before none existed. You are creating these opportunities by erring on your own side in every situation, a habit that comes hardest of all to you. This is the only way to find balance. The Uranus opposition that has sucked all your energy is on the wane, the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. Come out the other side in classic Libra mode, steel hand in a velvet glove. Perfection is your enemy on every front, instead, make decisions, make ALL the decisions and let the chips fall where they may. And for once, let someone else pick them up. Are you up for being the bad boss of July? You know you are.

Scorpio/Rising: Mars stations and then goes direct, but lay it low until August when we have full speed ahead martial energy.The New Moon sheds light on the philosophy that will propel you forward in coming months, again, don’t take your eyes off August. The Full Moon threatens to boil you if you’re not careful. Retreat is the best option as surprise has never been your best color. You’d been doing so well, brewing and stewing your next upgrade, all that work is still there but you lost steam a couple of months ago when your ancient Martian ruler went on vacay. Jelly isn’t your style, so get ready to tightlace your way back into the saddle as your focus slowly returns. By August you’ll be sniffing something new on the wind, and that’s all you’ll need. There are new lands to explore, new characters will be introduced and you will rise again. Are there doors you’ve never opened? Very soon now, you’ll be finding a set of keys.

Sagittarius/Rising: You get a jolt of sexxay and a hidden knowledge reveal early in July. Perhaps a do-over with a partner is indicated. Later in the month you’ve got your mind on your $ and your $ on your mind. As wild as you come off you do respond to structure in regards to your financials. How well are you embodying Maturity, Responsibility and Time Management? July is THE time to review these more mundane subjects and make sure you are keeping your life on track. Secret: People who can’t manage time can’t manage money and vice versa. Assess where you ARE on the time/money/power grid. If you get bogged down and tangled up in these areas you are losing energy that could be better spent writing, sporting, fun-ing! Continue to watch for any kind of committed partnership that has any addict-y qualities, stay glamorous not glamoured. Now lemme ask you this,  Are you ready to be a Player? Get it together on the structural plane because you are THE contender.

Capricorn/Rising: The New Moon in your marriage and partnership sector gives you a chance to renew or break commitments and get into relating at a higher octave. Do you need to cement a relationship or ray gun your way out of one? Your social life will be heating up again as you’ve put needed boundaries into place and banished the passive/aggressives back to whatever Lemongrab kingdom they belong. You ARE transformation. You have never had a problem with people taking you seriously but now more than ever, that Plutonian edge is sharp and you inspire not only trust but respect. The Full Moon in your sign will change your setting to Intense, don’t even try to fight it. As much as you love to stay in classic mode, this one is squared by rebel Uranus, those things that normally feel safe and secure for you may feel suddenly opressive. Are you ready to feel all the feels? In July you are positively empathic.

Aquarius/Rising: July is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Specifically your health habits and daily routines. Focus your energy inward as the New Moon boosts your ability to morph stagnant patterns into new energy enhancing techniques in relation to service and workaday details. Boring corners of life that previously elicited little attention suddenly become clean, sharp, neon centers of activity. This is all nicecly supported by the Sun square Uranus around the time of the Full Moon, you’ll have less interest in yourself and more interest in maturing attitutdes about yourself in relation to others. This bigger picture helps free you up to continue the evolutionary work that has been percolating under the surface of your life since 2008. You’re officially halfway there. Are you ready to nurture your Inner Adult and let their needs guide you in July? The spark in your eyes coupled with the hint of ozone indicate an Affirmative.

Pisces/Rising: You’ve been tripping between soft neediness and public cantankerousness for a while now. That get serious Saturn in your career sector can also come across as a bit of a kill joy. Sometimes the most difficult moments are right before we are about to change and I think that’s been the case for you, caught as you are between an old version of yourself and the newer you which demands and deserves to be taken more seriously. People think they are talking to Pisces 2011 and that is so over. Give them time to catch up. Things soften a bit with the lovely New Moon in your House of Fun, a break you will relish. Friendships are highlighted later in the month with the Full Moon, remember it’s okay to let go of people, even temporarily, that aren’t giving as good as they’re getting. Are you ready for a little Venusian glow to beautify your July? Set the controls for smooth as this tide rolls in bb!

Aries/Rising:  This is just the start as Mars direct puts the muscle back in your hustle. Phew! Career is back on track though things might not feel like they’re “clicking” until August so stay discliplined but just know, the winds have changed. It’s been a confusing time and a lot of you have been scratching your heads since last February when all your old tricks stopped working. It’s okay, it gave you time to reflect but thank Mars that is ending because really, you are built for action. Chiron gives a boost to Romance mid month, don’t waste it crunching numbers or your abs. Get out there! Single or loved up, Venus in Leo beginning the 13th makes artistic outings perfect for stoking the creative fires that can start a new romance or keep your lovah on the hook. Everyone looks better in theater lighting or standing in front of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. Are you ready to feel good? Because you are about to be the offical poster child for summer love.

Taurus/Rising: Oooooh, Mars direct in your house of commited partnerships! We’ve talked about this and again, I caution you to wait until August before calling it. But we’re moving out of the gray area and I for one am very excited about that. The New Moon asks you to examine the ways in which you share information. Objectivity is key and the divine boost you get from Neptune can help you gain insight into ways of overcoming limits you may have self imposed, stretching you out of your comfort zone. That’s a great combo along with the Full Moon in your 9th house, this axis is all about communication. Short trips vs long trips, the facts vs. the grand narrative. If you have anything cooking on the publishing or media front, it’s an auspicious time. Are you ready to pat yourself on the back for the stunning growth you’ve embodied throughout this year? You bet your no doubt, superb ass you are! Gold stars bb!

Gemini/Rising: The New Moon in Cancer on the 4th illuminates your house of finance. How much value do you place on emotion rather than actual stuff? Either can become burdensome if we cling too hard. Avoid dark characters in July, always a particularly bad idea for you. Work and routine come back to life with a boost from Mars in your details sector, reevaluate health and work routines, can anything use a tweak? Gemini can have a delicate constitution, don’t drive yourself into the ground with whatever your latest obsession happens to be, dip in but don’t go crazy. Your luscious creative mind is so fertile that you often spend as much time living in its environs as in the so-called real world. Honey I would never take that from you but will just caution to pay some extra heed to terra firma concerns like the aforementioned values around $. Are you ready to be a giver in July? It’s the best use of all the earthy energy that you’re manifesting this month.


*Photo Credit: Kirsten Dunst from Virgin Suicides




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