Cancer Super Powers

You can spot them from across the room, big eyes in a corner, wrapped in some sort of fashion cocoon, dripping glamour. Be they man or woman, Cancerians are children of the Moon, soft focus, emotionally messy, artistic.

Some people do feel more than others and our color-outside-the-lines crabs are finely tuned emotional creatures, waves of feeling wash over them and there is rarely anything you feel that they don’t know about.  Empaths to the last, these mysterious moodies often collect all manner of treasure unable to let people, feelings or beautiful objects go. Whenever some previously believed to be missing world artifact is rediscovered I always thank goodness for our little collector Cancers storing up whatever they come across and saving them for the rest of us.

Lana Del Rey is a famous member of this sea witch tribe, known for singing about every feeling in every relationship.  It is said that the moon herself can be seen in the face of every Cancer native. Do you have a Cancer in your life? Be prepared to regularly exchange stream of consciousness thoughts with them as you time-travel back and forth together in order to examine every hue of emotion for hidden pearls of truth.

Think you’re a clean livin’ streamlined Virgo who has no skin in this game? Think again, you have a house in your chart ruled by Cancer and it’s all happening in those depths. Even if that house is “empty” it’s still subject to transits, proving you too are a lunatic. Can you guess the identity* of the famous Cancer glamourpuss in the photo accompanying this post?



*Jerry Hall Roxy Music album cover






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