Sagittarius Full Moon

You read that right, we liked it so much the first time we’re doing it again! How’s that for a super summer vibe? TWO Sag Full Moons in a row. But don’t get too excited, it’s full at 4:02 a.m. June 20th and then immediately goes VOC (void of course) hitting Capricorn a short time later.

This aptly named Strawberry Moon happening in Sag has a mutable vibe–meaning the channels are open and you are more naturally connected to the vast internet of the collective unconscious. Think of it as one of those old party line phones that people used to use, you pick up the phone only to discover an ongoing conversation between the librarian and your friend’s aunt. And the convo is full of juicy facts you totally need!

Freewheelin’ Sag is happening somewhere in your chart, if you want you can take a look (here!) to find out what house is involved. BONUS pts if you you take into consideration the axis it falls on. Where’s Sagittarius? Where’s Gemini? Sag is where it is full blown summer, brimming over with energy (and can exacerbate problems with the hips which are ruled by Jupiter as well as cause problems for those with health issues involving inflammation/pressure). And Gemini is where we’re going to sleep and not as interested in the facts as perhaps shadow communiques.

I would not be your friendly neighborhood astrologer if I didn’t mention the following aspect pattern connected to this lunation. We’ve got a T Square Chiron/Sun/Venus/Moon happening and if it hits just so in your chart, you’re going to be feeling some hard feels. Can you release them without denying them? Little doves with entrails of past pain, say hello and then launch them up up and away. It might take more time than you like to process, but that’s okay. To feel is to heal so don’t try to swat the feels away as soon as they come up, listen to what they have to say.

West Coasters will be sleeping and East Coasters will be hustling into their Monday morning, make the most of this Full Moon by committing  to Truth and Optimism. That’s right! And if you don’t think the two go together, then, think again.

~Strawberry Moon, unknown artist


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