Serenity Now!

We knew June was going to be rocky just like we knew Saturn in Sagittarius could be explosive, literally. BTW, I’ve had a run of Saturn Returners of late, peeps definitely feelin’ some feels.

To recap:  We have Saturn (constriction, structure) in Sagittarius (philosophy, religion) squaring Neptune (glamour, escape) in Pisces (same vibe as Neptune). They squared off last November and again this week with predictable results to anyone who follows astrology forecasts and specifically the era of Saturn in Sagittarius.

We all have these placements somewhere in our charts right now. I think Saturn can really push Neptune to put the structure for our dreams in place. Or get new dreams.

Neptune went retrograde on June 13th, the urge to check out via fantasy or anything that induces fantasy is STRONG. Use this vibe for haute Pisces and and reach for the spiritual trip rather than the molly, red wine, bad romance, etc.

And turn off the news. Seriously. The constant stimulation to your central nervous system is not doing you any good. Being righteously angry isn’t an action. It’s stealing your life. Can you do it? Take a media fast and focus on your own awakening, for 30 days. Go!


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