Card of The Day

Today’s draw is the reversed, Five of Pentacles. To use or not to use reversed cards? It’s up to you. Too many reversed cards and I think it might be better to reschedule a reading or that the subject is experiencing a lot of retrograde energy. Personally, I find using reversed cards adds another dimension which helps me get deeper into the patterns I am trying to discern. But you know what? If you want a quick and dirty read it is FINE to ignore reversals. Do what thou wilt!

In looking at the energy surrounding today’s card and how it relates to you–and trust me reader, if you ended up here, this card is for you, we can’t help but noticing whatever deck one uses, there will be an impression of despair. Oh but I do love that the Five of Pentacles  is reversed  here, so we are talking more about financial recovery and spiritual poverty.

Are you focusing more on security from a material perspective? Will you ever have enough $ in your portfolio to retire/vacation/save for a rainy day/save for a new ________ /are you one colourpop away from completion?

The message here is invest in a less tangible form of currency. Have you meditated today? Have you thought a good thought for the world or another person or hey, how about Morgan the long suffering and recently suicidal Orca at SeaWorld? Maybe you don’t have any reserves and you should start with yourself I mean, what’s getting you out of bed in the morning? What banana are you chasing?

Fives are always challenging cards in the story of the tarot. The Five of Pentacles asks us to practice gratitude and look for that little bit of light, wherever it may be.


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