Gemini New Moon

The Moon is new in Gemini on Saturday, June 4th at 19:59 PDT.  It’s the perfect time to beef up everything related to communication, learning and writing. This New Moon is all about energy. That wind you’ve been waiting for? Yeah, here it is.

As always, though the meanings of Gemini remain the same, factor in the where in your chart (Astrodienst) this is happening. Add in some 3rd house flavor (neighbors, siblings, relatives, information processing) the natural domain of Gemini and you’re starting to get the picture.

This Moon lines up with both the current Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune and Vesta-Neptune-Jupiter–Saturn Grand Crosses, say that five times fast. These alignments boost the mega spiritual element associated with this Gemini New Moon.

Plant your best Gemini intentions and set your sights on using this renewed exuberance to become the Spiritual Genius you were meant to be. As for today, we’re at the lowest energy point of the lunar month, so you may have to settle for hoisting the sail and just trust the breeze is coming


*Photo from Graffitimundo



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