June Horoscopes

These freshly picked horoscopes are at their juicy best, just for you! June sees a peak in action on all fronts, this is the month for myth making. Everyone and everything is a blur of action, especially YOU. Change is the keyword moving forward. Let go and let’s go!

Gemini/Rising:  What a wonderful time to be Gemini! A chance to clear all stagnation and feng shui yourself to the next level. Your ruler Mercury comes out of shadow and then enters the hometown of your sign. You are a powerhouse of sparkling ideas and movement, don’t let anyone slow you down. An irritating friend continues to play their role, cut them loose or accept them as is, don’t stew! Use the June 4th new moon to walk into a new view you. Career slowdown at the end of the month is possible as you turn your attention inward for a Dream Appraisal sesh. Your summer psychic power is the ability to sense where the hidden laughter of others can do them and you the most good.

Cancer/Rising:  If it feels like fate is calling, you’re absolutely riiight. Saturn continues to serve realness in your daily routines, but Cancer does especially well with this much needed streamlining. A blast from your past can spell Real Romance especially in late June. But you must be willing to clear away old behaviors to make the necessary room. You are the Solstice’s child and if you play it right you will be setting sail in a brand new direction by month’s end. It can’t be said enough, work on yourself FIRST to get the maximum benefit from all the energies currently in your favor. Your summer psychic power is that you see the secret wounds of others only where they correspond to your own.

Leo/Rising:  The money’s good (or the debt is big, Jupiter is in your 2nd house) and you’ve got a yen for acquisition. It’s not going to last forever so try to hold onto it while the flow is going your way. You’re still reeling from the idea that you can never be normal because of your home life and it’s effect on you but that’s not true. Another chapter is ready to begin and you will feel up to the role as a new brighter, fresher version of yourself. Be careful to hold your tongue mid month as you may be compelled to do some damage, don’t go there. Change what you will but don’t shout on your way out. Remember dear, you are CLASS all the way. Your summer psychic power is an uncanny ability to clear away lifetimes of karma by forgiving others theirs.

Virgo/Rising: I get an unusual number of male Virgos reading this column. What’s that about? I once had an esteemed astrologer tell me that Virgo was the least magical sign. I don’t believe it for a minute and in fact I have found Virgo to be especially adept at magical work due to their analytical powers, diligence and consistency. BUT I think I see what she meant, Virgo can get too caught up in the micro–like flossing your teeth exactly right but ignoring the birds singing outside the window. Virgo goes bad ass in June, set the dial to Psycic as people are not prepared for the punch you are packing, they don’t know what to do with the new you. Remember your Jupiter mojo will only last through September, make hay while the sun still shines. Your summer psychic power is the ability to heal in yourself the exact same spot you are able to heal in others.

Libra/Rising:  Throughout June, evaluate everything through the lens which asks “am I creating confusion or clarity?” And err on the side of clarity for outgoing messages. For incoming…don’t worry about untangling all the confusing communication coming your way. Everything doesn’t have  to make sense. If you have the choice between fight or flight, choose flight. The task of Libra is always to stay on point without getting side tracked. Jupiter in your 12th house continues to encourage evolution, ramp it up through meditation and breath work. Focus on what is here now, stay in your body. You’ll enjoy the increasing airy vibes of June after the flatline of May’s near complete lack thereof. Your summer psychic power is that you will become as divine as the divine which you recognize in others.

Scorpio/Rising:  Ding, it’s the final round of your metamorph, all that spiritual cleansing is about to pay off. About time too!  Distractions abound and a romantic false start may have thrown you, but it wasn’t the real deal so, no loss. Your much beloved focus is coming back online. Truly the phoenix from the flame, you are coming back into a more active time now, spinning and plotting your next chapter. Don’t take any compulsive behavior with you, it won’t work. In fact, the cosmic police will be right on that with instant consequences. The force is strong in you, use it for good. Lilith in Scorpio means it’s wake-up time as you’ll have chronic x ray vision and see through everything living and dead. Your summer psychic power is the ability to peer into the ultimate reality to the degree that you recognize it is also looking right back into you.

Sagittarius/Rising:  You are getting for reals these days with Saturn pushing the get serious vibe. Not only are you taking yourself more seriously, those around you are also picking up the heavyweight energy your’re sending out. I like it! It’s like you’re rebuilding from the ground up, restructuring values, supersizing your career/public self and NOW you’ve got Mars retro and Lilith crawling around the basement of your 12th house. Do what you can to clear out anything you’re not using like old sporting equipment and keep your body limber with some hip openers. Every idea you have doesn’t need to turn into a concrete block of truth, stay fluid and your mind will follow. Your summer psychic power is the ability to see the truth of every situation to the degree that you accept that most people do not want the truth.

Capricorn/Rising:  Forged in the crucible, you are a diamond mind, but man, #forgin’ainteasy. Pluto transiting your first house is second only to an MC transit and my one Pluto MC transit client is doing life and death changes minute by minute. Be kind to yourself, it’s truly the biggest Cap challenge. Again and again that lean, mean inner dialogue needs to be questioned and challenged. Do you talk to yourself in a nurturing way? See I think that’s critical to your well being. I encourage you to travel this summer and see how the other half lives. Your home life might continue to be unpredictable for a while yet so focus on your inner sanctuary. Your summer psychic power is that everyone inexplicably entrusts you with their innermost secrets to the degree that you feed your soul with spirit candy.

Aquarius/Rising: I recently saw a movie where an actor dressed all in black played Time. He was tough, unsmiling and stiff when he moved. He even possessed a (lost) chronosphere. Can you guess whom I am talking about? Why Saturn of course! Except, he had Aquarian eyes. Silver, blue, electric, zinging with ozone. June sees you tiring of the games you’ve been playing. Real people, real love, real LIBERATION. You need a bigger pond, swimming in circles has lost its charm. A few weeks ago I heard one of you mutter “I don’t know what it is I want, I have no idea!” Except you do, you just have to toss that chronosphere a few feet ahead of you to get there and then ride it into the future. Stop focusing on what you DON’T want, the universe thinks you’re praying whenever you start that litany. Your summer psychic power is that you are just as free as you allow everyone else to be, like, even let them be wrong. Good luck!

Pisces/Rising: Hey Pisces, I always feel like  you and me could slam some Dews and talk about our muggle war stories, amarite? Like this cat I know is a honcho in his local, big box religion. You know the deal, crazy supernatural stories to explain our existence but looks down his nose at astrology. And does not get the hysterical irony of it all. Glob forbid we get too far out with our explanations about being alive and hurtling through space. Blood of my toaster and flesh of my iPhone and all that. Where was I…Oh yes, it’s really important that you believe in yourself. Don’t go fishing for your positive reflection in other people’s eyes. Escape is going to look more glamorous than usual, watch your tendency to binge out on any people/places/things. Your summer psychic power is to be as assured as you used to think it was a dirty word, especially as it relates to an old enemy whose confidence you found repulsive.

Aries/Rising:  If you don’t have love than you better have money/If you don’t have money than you better have love/If you ain’t got either you then better think quick-Paleface, “Don’t Hesitate”. June cometh for you Aries and all your charm and vigor won’t protect you when the whip comes down. Just kidding! Ok, it’s gonna be weird but there are major chances to wake up coming your way. Beautiful Aries, you have no fear of throwing a boundary up or being yourself, these are such gifts. People struggle endlessly from an inability to do these two things that come so naturally to you. A lot of that comes from focusing on the Other. I’d like to see you focus on yourself, not the self that wants people to act a certain way or respond to your charm, I don’t even mean the “who am I” nonsense. No, the BIG question is “WHAT am I?” Find the center in you, that’s your quest for June. When you know what you are, then you’ll know how to proceed. Your summer psychic power is thinking quick, and will be granted to the degree you stop asking anything from anyone but yourself.

Taurus/Rising:  Love, exciting and new…? We just don’t know yet. I know you’ve been on the teeter totter waiting for your ship to come in. And you’ve been good, you’ve been worthy, you’ve probably stretched the most out of your comfort zone than anyone. And yet, if you could just be a little more patient, destiny awaits. You gotta let Mars do his thing pacing around in your 7th house all the while Jupiter is is amping the love of love Jones up in your 5th. What’s a bull to do? I’ll say this, by the end of summer EVERYONE is going to want YOUR horoscope. And while you have your eye on one prize, another may enter the picture by the end of this month. You may have to choose. Stay fizzy as you navigate June, it’s a trick you’ve only just picked up, keep practicing it. Your summer psychic power is the ability to make everyone you meet fall deeply in love with you, to the degree that you are madly in love with existence itself.




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