Lilith in Scorpio

Beginning May 21st 2016 through February 2nd 2017, mean node Black Moon Lilith will traverse the constellation of Scorpio. Lilith is exalted in Scorpio, sign of the underworld.

The original Rebel Girl, Black Moon Lilith is not to be confused with either Asteroid Lilith or the theoretical Dark Moon Lilith. BML is a mathematical point based on the apogee of the moon’s orbit.

Further we must differentiate between mean and true node BML. Here we are talking about mean node, awakened BML.

She’s been to your basement and seen what you’ve got going on down there. In Scorpio there’s no BS about why we’re here and what’s going on. To the outsider, Scorps have a sexy, dangerous reputation. Yawn. Scorpio is really about knowing that you’re a spirit driving a fleshbot, and so the thrill is kinda gone over having the best hair, house, car, career, whatever. In a sense, THAT is exactly what makes them dangerous. They see the game you’re running.

Now we’ve got Lilith swimming down the bottom of this black pool and she’s pulling up all kinds of crazy shit. Papers you scribbled on when you were three, transcripts of your mom’s emotional life when you were in utero. Lilith here is a serpent, representing occult knowledge. Including what sex is really all about.

Messages from the other side, from your earlier selves as well as spirits good and ill abound during this period. Transformation can only come if we are willing to integrate the dispatches coming through. I once had a dastardly writing teacher who said that your voice, your real writing voice when you finally dig it out, is the one you don’t want anyone to hear. Not the nice one, not the educated one, but the one who tells everyone everything you don’t want them to know about you.

Make sure when you hear it, that you are ready to own it. Otherwise, Lilith can be a real bitch.



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