Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is Full in Sagittarius on Saturday, May 21st at 14:15 PST.  Sagittarius rules philosophy (The Sage), spirituality (in and out of religion), higher learning, foreign travel and OPTIMISM.

Take a look at your chart to see where you get your Sag on. It’s time to review how you are managing themes related to Sagittarius in whatever area this is happening for you. There are so many adjectives to describe super size Jupiter children, The Archer and The Centaur are two of my faves.

Complicating matters we have very un-Sag Saturn occupying Sagittarius right now as well as Mars Retro cooling his jets in Sagittarius. The lights go on and we see the players upon the stage. Are you a second house Sag? It’s about the $ honey. A sixth house Sag? Work is over the top. Head over to Astrodienest and generate a free chart to see where this is happening for you.

There’s a Scorpio flavor to this Full Moon as it is happening at 1 degree Sag, so this arrow is just bursting out of the dark depths and will activate any sensitive points you have at 1 degree anywhere in your chart.

Sagittarius has to feel it is in alignment with a higher purpose, with TRUTH bb. So shine it bright and just let it burn through any bs, something Sag really does not have time for. It is truly the poster child for giving no fuqs. How refreshing is that?!


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