Everything Retro

Well not everything, Jupiter just went direct in Virgo thank goodness, after being retro since January 7th. We’re ready to move ahead after a period of introspection regarding themes of philosophy, service and truth with an eye to the house this is happening in for YOU.

Mercury retro in Taurus goes through May 22nd with the shadow period ending June 7th. Review of our finances and how we use them as well as how we stockpile those resources continues to be refined during this period.

Mars retro starts in Sagittarius and then travels back through Scorpio ending June 29th. Ill advised erotic pairings and grudges get a chance to transform as we see the Other with new eyes. Note: Don’t start anything you can’t finish here, wait until late June.

Saturn retro in Sagittarius started on March 25th and goes direct again on August 9th. It’s time to get real. Lord of Karma, Saturn rules time, responsibility and maturity. Didn’t get the lesson the first time around? You’re about to get your PhD in whatever you flunked out on OR a big juicy pay-off if you mastered the material. Class is in session.

Pluto retro in Capricorn started April 18 and ends September 26th. Transformation through love and money, it’s all up for review. How have you been structuring your love relationships? If you’re all about power and control, you may want to rethink it. Or nevermind, Pluto will do it for you. How about $? Are you in constant fear of being penniless {even IF you have $ in the bank?} or maybe you’re a power player and you like to hold the secrets of others just in case. Practice ahimsa with yourself and others in order to free yourself. Continue to search your subconscious for clues about your real motivations in any romantic or financial situations.

The veil is thin at times like these, ghosts flit in and out. They often bear messages, smudged just a bit too much to read or speaking in a way that we can’t quite hear. In order to receive their communication, you must speak their language. Remember that you do, but you have to go way down past yourself in order to recall the images, metaphors and symbols they use to speak. Just like you used to do before you forgot. Go now, meet them.



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