New Moon in Taurus

On Friday May 6th at 12:30 PST the Moon is New in Taurus. Keywords for Taurus include secure, patient, earthy.

This is a great time to check how you’re doing with finances, sensuality and your relationship with nature and the material world. Gentle Taurus is in the spotlight with this New Moon, Mercury Retro AND a Pluto (transformation) + Jupiter (spirituality) trine the New Moon itself.

How wonderful! This is the time to REview, REnew, REnegotiate your finances and all your nurturing relationships–because what is $ other than another fertile resource? Look at your nurturing style, and if you don’t have one? Time to get crackin’.

However you celebrate this New Moon, do it in a tangible way. Plant a seed, create a vision board, print it…but get it out of your head and into the physical realm. Taurus craves stability and I can spot a Taurus Rising a mile away, man or woman–they are such juicy beauties.

Taurus rules the throat and therefore it’s no surprise that so many of our most beloved singers are ruled by the sacred bull. Grief collects in the throat chakra and can lead to sore throats. Click below for a fantastic remedy. So much of our creativity is located in this energy center, even 2 minutes spent in the turquoise throat chakra can make you feel like you just came from the symphony. Enjoy!

Throat Chakra Meditation


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