May Horoscopes

In May, everyone’s a spy! You’ll be swimming backwards through an underground river and nothing is what it seems, especially you. What to pack: Decoder ring, invisible ink, book of spells, sunscreen and a sharp third eye. Let’s go!

Taurus/Rising:  After the way you’ve been on it, I’m glad to see you’re finally ready to settle your a** down!  You will continue to expand creatively, but in a more measured way. Instead of going straight up, you’re going to be building out on a lot of the framework you’ve already created. Romance is sticky and tricky. If you’re single put the energy into yourself. If you’re trying not to be, get patient. It’s about to go deep, but not in May. This would be a good time to start a journal for future reference.  Your theme song in May is Crystal Castle’s Telepath.

Gemini/Rising:  You’re still coming down from a lot of big changes. Saturn has razed the ground in your committed partnerships sector and in the future, you’ll have a chance to plant new intentions. This would be a good time to buy one of those round meditation pillows filled with buckwheat hull. Things get dicey after mid month, but that’s just how you like it. Focus on solid ground, what are your boundaries, what do you want? Make sure you have a plan ahead of time or one will be imposed on you by the 17th. Your theme song for May is LCD Soundsystem’s Time To Get Away.

Cancer/Rising:  You’re a beautiful psychic detective in May, surrounded by reverberations from both your past and past incarnations. You have felt this way before, you have been here before…Deja Vu baby! Annoyers gonna annoy, don’t get sidetracked trying to retrain them. Fate calls and plot lines going back well beyond your current star turn finally come to the fore again, opening the door to long overdue resolutions. Resist the urge to tell-it like-it-is after mid-month, what matters is that YOU know what time it is: Again o’clock bb! Your theme song for May is Austra’s  Spellwork.

Leo/Rising:  You’re an adult now, almost. It’s been a year of maturing. Yay?! Your hair is as shiny as can be and you’re blinged as fuq. But in May I want you to think about becoming as fiscally and romantically fit as possible. Save the dramz for your creative visions and take a look at that $ house,  Jupiter goes direct there on May 9th releasing what has been blocked. Romantic challenges continue but respond best to when you can get real about separating the glamorous from the glamours themselves. The best way to do this is listen and not distort the facts to fit your desires. Let people reveal themselves to you and don’t be afraid of being alone, sometimes it’s better. Your May theme song is Mark Isham’s The Death of Irving Fagelman from The Moderns soundtrack.

Virgo/Rising:  You can’t fool me Virgo, all eyeglasses and intellect with sheafs of paper sticking out of the the files you have on everyone, especially yourself. You feel best when you’re living right and for you, that means selfless service. Your retrograde ruler Mercury might throw some old flames back up atcha, but don’t go there. Keep moving. You’re an analytical powerhouse but that only works if you use your powers for good. Perfection is your arch enemy and its weapon of choice is paralysis. There are no perfect decisions, we only learn by falling and then getting back up. Your May theme song is Childcatcher from Lush (All Virgos Are Mad version).

Libra/Rising:  I always caution peeps to not get suddenly married during Uranus 7th house transits. Decision making can be challenging and if you need to be swayed, I’m here to help. Lilith is going to be heading to Scorp later this month and though it is a relief, I think your time with her has been helpful. You’re no longer as prone to saying Yes when you should be saying No. Inspiration can be more elusive than usual throughout the month, find ways to cultivate it that satisfy your beauty cravings more than your material urges. Remember, your bathtub can be a relaxing spa retreat whether it be with a book of Byron or some essential oil of Bergamot. Your May theme song is Verdi’s Sempre Libera from La Travita.

Scorpio/Rising: Still cycling through the reboot, don’t get thrown off by your lack of focus. Write down anything you need to remember, it’s the only way. All that black sequin rock star rep about Scorps is really about the risings. Progressed suns and moons be damned, you never change. It’s what goes on behind the closed doors that’s interesting. Seemingly inert but mining the necessary black diamonds all the time in order to build the portal. It’s secret, sacred work. Your May theme song is Sea Knight’s Crows Came and Spoke of New Beginnings. 

Sagittarius/Rising: Sometimes you put people off. That’s okay, they’re probably not people you would enjoy anyway. That being said, you don’t need to say EVERYTHING that comes into your mind all the time. People do not want the truth, they want love and glitter and security. Let them have it already!  You’re the dark horse of the zodiac right now, off all the radar but slated for glory in the end. The only way around is through, deal with everything, procrastination is failure. Direct action is the only thing that will work, be honest with y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f. You’re a straight shot, do it. Your May theme song is New Order’s Everything’s Gone Green.

Capricorn/Rising: It’s not for nothing that you’re known as the CEO of the zodiac. Watching you at the top of your game this month is like watching the smoothest operator doing what they were born to do. Every muscle is poised, the smile just perfect, the execution a work of art. You’re like Redford in Spy Game, ballsy as fuq and lookin’ goood while you do it. Earth power baby, it’s your time. Get rid of anything or one that isn’t Grade A, the universe aligns in your favor throughout the month as long as you don’t settle in any way. Your theme for May is Hans Zimmer’s Sherlock Holmes score Psychological Recovery…6 Months Part II.

Aquarius/Rising:  Not that you care what people think, but it’s never good to appear thirsty. Play it all under your hat and for May, focus on what inspires you. This can be tough because you will be inundated with old ideas, do whatever mental magic you can to flip the narrative. Saturn over your midheaven is serving the realness and Mars retro can make you stir crazy. You alone have the power to see the future by looking somewhere inside and then making it happen. Anger will cloud that ability. Find the silver path back into kooky you. To help you, your May theme song is Uranus – Space Sounds recorded by Voyager II in 1986.

Pisces/Rising:  Such a juicy time to rework your value system. You can be anyone you want, overthrow all the old beliefs that have held you back. Take advantage of the jovial types that come into your life right now, borrow a little of that fire. Romance and finance are on the menu as Saturn keeps saying “make it real or get rid of it” in your career sector, allowing you to speed through and try on more dreams than usual as you look for what fits. Forget Magic Wo/Man and look for Silly Wo/Man to fly over frothy, zesty seas with. Serious is boring! If you aren’t actually traveling in May, at least pack a bag for other intoxicating levels of reality,  you’ve earned it. Your May theme song is Missy Elliot’s Get Your Freak On.

Aries/Rising:  You’re feeling pretty good, right? While you’re enjoying that, keep your head down as the month shifts gears on the 17th. Your ruling planet Mars is retrograde in Sag right now and then bouncing back into Scorp right about when Lilith hits town. You start out a lucky lamb in May but pay attention to what you say as we head into the full moon. Take some time to contemplate the details of your life, practice diplomacy and when you can’t, take a walk. Your theme song for May is Michael Sembello’s  Maniac.

Reader’s Questions:  How do I know my rising sign?

What do I read for? My sun, moon or rising? Read all three for the most accurate description.

My rising is in my 12th house, what do I do? Calculate your chart using the whole house system OR interpret as having two co-rulers for your rising/first house. In other words, read Virgo AND Libra.

Keep your questions coming, I almost always try to answer questions from the Comments. And don’t hesitate to consult your favorite professional astrologer. Astrology works best when you learn how to prepare for important transits and energies and have objective ongoing coaching to help you ride the waves.  Use CODE: BELTANE for 20% off all Weise Owl services through May 31st. 



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