Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon occurs at 22:24 PST on April 21st. You won’t read this in any books but I’ve yet to see a Scorpio Moon that doesn’t bring secrets to light. Do you just loathe Scorps? Or are you a Scorps groupie? People usually fall into one of the two camps.

To maximize your alignment with the slithery vibe of this lunation, wear a touch of black, pull a tarot card, stick some onyx or a garnet in your pocket. Whatever your personal ritual is, this is the time to embrace all things deep and dark.

Where are you with your emotions, your magical practices whatever they may be and your sacred sexuality? Are there issues related to other people’s $ you need to look at? What secrets are you keeping and what is hidden from you? Devote some time to delving into this area of your life during this Full Moon.

There are no major planetary aspects to this Scorpio Full Moon, but make no mistake, Scorpio is always haunted. Keep it spooky!


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