Aries Super Powers

Aries is one of the more suspicious characters of the zodiac, people have so many opinions. Ruled by Mars, it’s true, Aries can be a real prick. But is our warrior really just a self centered narcissist?

First of all, we’re all Aries. Astrology is the language of image, metaphor and symbol. That ram dude you’re all judged up about may not even be as Aries as you first suppose. Somewhere in YOUR chart you are rockin’ this independent energy.

Aries can make a decision and really doesn’t give a fuq what the neighbors think. True to themselves, these cats are unlikely to get stuck in the past or caught up in other people’s emotional swamps. Inspiring and inspired, even when they’re wrong, they do it 100 percent.

Think you know Aries? People tend to look and act like their rising sign, you may need to check yourself. Some of my favorite Aries positions:  North Node, Aries Moon Women, Aries Sun Men, Venus in Aries women. Take a look at your horoscope, that Aries ruled house is full of originality and pioneer spirit.

At their best, our Aries peeps are our spiritual warriors. Relentless in whatever they pursue, they never lose the plot. My favorite Aries trait? You ALWAYS know where you stand with them, this is a no BS kind of person. No air kisses followed by knife in the back. So refreshing!

Flannery O’ Connor was one hot Aries babe best known for her short stories (Aries like to get to the point). “If you don’t hunt it down and kill it, it will hunt you down and kill you”, Wise Blood. Uh huh.


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