Card of The Day

Three of Cups, reversed is the card coming up in today’s draw. This is such a Sunday card! Of all the meanings available for for a reversed Three of Cups, this draw speaks to reconnecting with our creative energy and powering down in a way that separates us from our daily hustle. You know, the one that starts tomorrow.

I think Sunday is the day people are most prone to going quietly mad. Rather than dwelling on the isolation indicated, take the opportunity to refill those cups with whatever inspires you. Unless you are an utter extrovert incapable of recharging solo ( in which case, call me!) I’d like you to think of three enthusiastic visions for your upcoming week. They don’t have to be big or even worldly accomplishments. Perhaps there is a book you can’t wait to get back to, someone at work you’re looking forward to seeing or a tree you like looking at as you pass by on your commute.

Don’t be afraid to dream, even if you think it’s all out of reach.


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