April Horoscopes

April is the cruelest month,   breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing/Memory and desire, stirring/Dull roots with Spring rain. -The Wasteland

Cruelest month or coolest month,  either way you’ll be the Queen of Spring and boss of all the daffodils with our astrological weather forecast. April is dominated by serious retrograde energy. Mars retros on April 17th in Sagittarius, Pluto follows suite the next day, first stationing in Capricorn. We have a Mercury retro coming on as we get into the shadow period mid month. Saturn has been retrograde since the 25th of March. These are heavy hitters to begin with, particularly when we talk about the God of War (Mars) and Lord of the Underworld (Pluto), their retrograde energy is greatly intensified. A stationary planet is at peak power. These forces will be experienced by all of us as well as being played out collectively on the world stage.


Aries Moon and Rising: Happy Biiirthday, everyone just wishes they were you in April! Goodbye March and good riddance! The emo acid trip you’ve been on will finally relent and by mid-April you’ll be the prettiest pony at the rodeo all over again. Nothing is better than a spicy hot Aries New Moon and we’ll all be getting a slice April 7th. Yes, Mars WILL be going retro on the 17th so get your projects going beforehand and you’ll have time to refine everything through the end of June. You’re a sex goddess/god most of the time anyway, but you will really be feeling yourself this month. If your love connection has been in the meh-zone, don’t expect to stay there long. Venus is gonna send some make it or break it your way, either things get better or they start getting gone. Your power color is Bright Red.

Taurus Moon and Rising: I feel like I’ve had you all wrong, the last couple months and now April are showing me a new you. You still have all the beauty, stability, strength and practicality that I’ve always loved in my Taurus peeps, but you’ve got a sparkle now, an absolute zip! You are the champagne of the zodiac these days and with  Mercury dancing into your sign April 5th through June,  you may now be not only the most gorgeous but THE smartest damn kid in the class. You’re the total package. Take it easy on the romance front, you have plenty of time to sit tight and not be forced into any decisions. Eclipse season was harrowing, enjoy the break. Think about what YOU want, what’s your ideal scenario? Let that be your guide, do not settle do not rush! Your power color is Sky Blue.

Gemini Moon and Rising:  You’re still shedding. New people, new situations, you haven’t quite settled yet. And you won’t for a while. Before we even get to the end of April we’ve got Mars going retrograde in your social sector and your ruler Mercury going into the shadow zone, prepping for a retrograde by mid month. You’re still falling down the rabbit hole. There may be no better position for a Gemini as you alone can be in two places at once. You just don’t do reality like the rest of us. You have a chance right now to continue to reinvent yourself, who you want to be, what you want to stand for, and whom you want to take with you. Choose well by looking at what larger truths you want to serve, drop the mask here and there if you can, see who is really FOR you. The real you. Your power color is Acid Green.

Cancer Moon and Rising:  Friends, socializing, romance, comfort, all the finer things in life. Mars retro will slow things down in your career zone, you’ll get a chance to decide how you really want to spend your time. This can be a good thing as warrior energy here can make you appear as a lone rider. Shadow zone Merc retro may bring old friends and old dreams back up for review. Pluto retro in your house of partnerships through September is the PERFECT time to review your never ending belief in transformation through marriage and partnership. Ask yourself if these have been the transformations and the partnerships you’ve wanted or if there is a higher truth somewhere out there. Maybe there are dimensions you haven’t considered that will reveal themselves to you in coming months during this transition. Your power color is Silver.

Leo Moon and Rising:  I could tell you about the role you just landed, but I think I’ll wait until closer to curtain time.  I will say this, you’re the STAR and it’s a long run. April will be a welcome reprieve from some of the more harried moments of March. Gather your strength, lick your wounds. Don’t take any crap off of anyone. For you, a lot of April is about finances and power structure negotiations . Get it done by the 18th and be selfish about it. In any power exchange, think of yourself first, nobody else will and you won’t have the resources leftover for anyone else otherwise. What is power? Ebb and flow, what are you putting out and what are you getting in return? Easy to say this is a crass assessment but I assure you, those at the top of the pyramid are utterly unaware that their foot is in your face or that they’re standing on your shoulders. Let it be known you WILL speak your truth. Your power color is Metallic Gold.

Virgo Moon and Rising:  Confidence has never been your wheelhouse, I’m not gonna ding you for it. Mars retro in your home and ancestors sector may leave you feeling on even more shaky ground, especially as it’s driving that whole chariot up into your Aries ruled 7th house. Oh, who’s that but Venus sauntering through your house of marriage and partnership, just be careful about liaisons made when you’re seeing yourself in a less than flattering light. Assess your place at home, be it your current home or your childhood home. Do you have power there, a voice? Best you be laying down some boundaries around this, before someone does it for you. Spend time with those who make you feel great about yourself and ditch the rest. If you’re spending time worrying about the feelings of others who have never spent 3 minutes worried about yours, get outta there!  Your power color is White.

Libra Moon and Rising:  It’s safe to come out now, your stint as Eclipse Poster Child is ovah! Things will continue to settle and once we hit the Aries New Moon on the 7th, you are golden. You’re not as eager to be everyone’s ego life-support system, and that is shaking things up. Not everyone is pleased. You know what? You CAN live with that! Everyone does not have to like you, I promise! In fact it’s better that they don’t, let the takers weed themselves out. Pay attention to any shared resources, this is not the time to be vague. You’ve got a bit of Spring Fever and that’s going to make it hard to focus on work vs. play, make sure you have time for both. Balance is key and will help you stay positive and kinder to those around you. Big relationship discussions can wait until June, try not to change jobs, make big purchases or rock it too much before then. Continue to hold your ground, that is enough for now. Your power color is Rose.

Scorpio Moon and Rising:  Your health has been zapped as fuq after the Eclipse season, but you are getting ready to come back online with some serious work and health voodoo. My my, the things we will know by month’s end. Secrets revealed, mysteries solved! You’re going to LOVE it! Mars retro in Scorp on the 18th and the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd combine to make this a Scorpionic Olympics. Be prepared to rethink some of your previously tried and true strategies, especially at work. There is a tendency right now to be backward looking, that will clear up as the month progresses, just know that reverse time travel is not helpful to you. Keep your future and present goals in mind and don’t drag anything old into it, you need new tricks! Stay flexible as people and situations show they are not as set in stone and they previously appeared. You’re the last person I need to advise to hold back, be cautious, let the cards reveal themselves. Your power color is Oxblood.

Sagittarius Moon and Rising:  Don’t start any shiite with that tendency you have toward bluntness (a quality I treasure!). In fact, let things come to fruition before speaking on them at all, if possible. The best use of your inner adrenaline junkie is keep your body moving (not your mouth!) and creative channeling at work. If you can navigate this terrain under the influences of Mars retro and the Merc shadow, you will win your favorite prizes:  Expanding options and open doors. Saturn square Neptune is THE signature of 2016 and you are smack down in the middle of the action, becoming more sober and dedicated to making your dreams a reality. Or getting new dreams. Either way, your end game is liberation or bust. Your power color is Royal Purple.

Capricorn Moon and Rising:  It’s like, being an adult is your super power. “But” you may ask, “is that all I get to do?!” I know, I know…you have positively been a beast of burden lately. Life will lighten up after the first week of April, but I’m not gonna lie, Pluto in Cap has not been easy on anyone and the station is just going to pump it to ridiculous, plutonian proportions. In the end of course, it’s all to the good, but then again so’s a colonoscopy. Not exactly a party while it’s happening though is it? You’re going to get some of your juice back by the middle of the month followed by some off-stage time. The thing with “column” style horoscopes is exact aspects are unknown, quite different than an individual horoscope done by an astrologer (hint?). Pay absolute attention to anyone with a Cap MC for example, even if it’s not their rising/moon, because the theme is Life Lessons. Your power color is Black.

Aquarius Moon and Rising:  April finds you buzzing with activity and possibly some romance mid month. After the 18th I want you to go Full Yin, got it? Taking the long view I’d like to see you get in shape for a big Saturn-Uranus line up which defines your 2017. Do the work, lay the plans, get the outline, anything mundane is the foundation for what’s coming. First you have to buy the ingredients and bake the cake before you can get down to frosting, you dig? Unplug, review: How do you communicate, especially with loved ones? Rethink finances, sources of income and debt. Don’t take any action yet, just reconsider. On the one hand, few are cooler customers than a space-eyed Aquarian. BUT scratch the surface and true Uranians seethe with feverish intensity. It’s no accident that so many of our greatest poets, visionaries and geniuses (and astrologers!) are straight up Aquas. Your power color is: Electric Blue.

Pisces Moon and Rising: You got all zapped to hell during Eclipse Season, nurture yourself back to life through the first week of April. You’re not a big picture thinker, that’s okay, keep in mind that there are larger forces at work and bigger goals to reach for as the year progresses. Big transitions in your social groups and how you see yourself are still revealing their meaning to you. Honestly, sometimes it really isn’t you, it’s THEM. Maybe you’re a mysterious seeker and they’re just the super overlords of boring. In the end, you will prevail but you gotta ride it out until then. Practice the art of letting go, you need more room for who you are becoming and the fabulous people you will meet there. Watch your finances, let someone else pick up the tab for once. Your power color is Seafoam


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