Saturn Ret*ro*grade

“Retrograde: The apparent motion of a planet in a reverse direction from normal (from east to west).”

Maybe I’m dim, but I always enjoy a good do-over. I never seem to get IT the first time around. Retrogrades follow a more Yin pattern of energy, allowing us to look inward with a slightly different perspective than before.

Saturn went Retro on March 24th at 16 degrees Sagittarius and will continue backwards looking through August 12th where it will set forward at 9 degrees Sagittarius.

Look to the house/s ruled by Sagittarius to see where this is happening for you. Your mission is to focus your resources on rebuilding structure in this area, looking at how you are utilizing your time and how you are embodying themes of responsibility and maturity in the sector affected. Sagittarius rules philosophy, long distance travel, religion and higher education.

For example, if you are a Second House Sag, I’m gonna ask “are you being responsible with $? What are your values and philosophies around spending, are they in line with where your dollar actually goes? How about where you live, do you need to caulk your windows, clean the gutters?” Saturn loves structure, responsiveness and good time management. And if that isn’t happening where it needs to, you will be corrected. Don’t be afraid to let go of whatever isn’t working.

Take your best Saturn imagery and meditate on it. Yes, you can actually do that!  Open up to the fantastic, determined Saturn vibe trying to help you get legit in whatever area of life this is happening. Now is the time!



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