Your Mom Called

We have a Ceres-Chiron conjunction today in Pisces. It started the end of February and is going through April 24th.

Ceres shows up in our chart as a reflection of how we nurture and what nurtures us. In Pisces she comes to share our feelings, and there are a LOT of feelings activated in this area of our horoscope right now. Earthy Ceres, grieving mother of Persephone, asks us to examine our relationship to what we mother, be it a talent, ourselves, another person, an idea…you get the picture. Chances are you’re sitting on something and waiting for it to hatch right now.

Mysterious healer Chiron, rejected by his mother, rejected by all his kind. The task of Chiron in Pisces is to stop saving other people and focus on yourself. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. By re-parenting yourself, you can gain those qualities you may have missed out on the first time around. And THEN you can help everyone else.

But “isn’t it too late for me to_____?”  Nope! It’s actually never too late. How can you start today? By not pushing your feelings down, just take a look already, what are they trying to say? Look to the house this is happening in for you. For example, First House would call for developing a sense of your own identity, Fourth House would want a safe abode. Still not sure? Consult Astrodienst or better yet, call your astrologer.

Tweet of the Week comes from @melissabroder: “Astrology is bullshit and also real.” Yes and Yes.


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