Eclipse Chaperone

Welcome to the Astrological New Year! And really, isn’t Spring the ultimate new beginning? The Persians certainly seem to think so. Hello Aries Sun!

I had a dream that we needed a crooked guide of some sort for this upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Libra, occurring as it is at 5:01 PST on Wednesday, March 23rd. Yes, a Full Moon times 10 is the correct way of looking at it though it is theoretically not going to fry your circuits to the degree our March 8th Solar Eclipse did…BUT of course this all depends where it’s happening for YOU.

My way of looking at Eclipses is to note what is being highlighted and what is being thrust into darkness.

Themes of self, individuality, initiation and originality will take a back seat to the more Venusian themes of balance, relation and creativity.

Mercury will be in opposition to the Moon, which really just means they are in conversation. Mars will be forming a sextile to the Moon, bringing inspiration to us all. Expect an emotional time and do your best not to resist it. It’s the resistance that brings the problems.

The scales will be balanced, your heart weighted against the feather. In the end, you are your own crooked chaperone. Find in yourself the place where you stand for reason, order and balance. Avoid nit picky judgments in favor of higher concepts of Justice, you can tell the difference by looking at what serves YOU vs. what serves the HIGHER GOOD.

Your spirit guide through this journey is no less than the twisty fresh Maat. May you find her now.


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