Draw of The Day

Today’s draw is a simple three card spread, custom made for you.

First CardThe Knight of Swords in the position of current self indicates a lot of thinking and might-as-right posturing. In this Scapini deck, confident in his opinions, our Knight tramples over all in his path.

Second Card: The Star, reversed. Our lovely lady of hope hangs upside down, emptying both her her cup and its source. In the transformation position, she asks us to consider the source of our optimism and a return to all that feeds it.

Third Card: Seven of Pentacles, reversed. As the outcome card, this card cautions against the loss of hope seen in the reversed Star. Perhaps it is the fear of losing all of our hard work, of the judgement of others, that have led to the loss of hope in the first place.

The message here is to prioritize. Too much mental energy turned inward is sharp and useless. Turn your attention to whatever quiet place you can find or make inside yourself. There is something in you that cannot be lost and is utterly unconnected to any material aspect of your life, including your body.

There are many ways to tap into this, meditation is one of the best. Here is one example of a heart chakra meditation, which you can do for any length of time and is guaranteed to get you right out of your head, which really, isn’t that what we all want? Enjoy!


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