March Horoscopes

March is about to get sprung, and these horoscopes have been whipped up just in time to help you stay on top of all the deliciousness coming your way. All the secrets you need to glister your way into or out of any situation lie ahead. Yods, T Squares, Eclipses! Let’s go!

Aries Moon and Rising:  You’re on the starting line and raring to go. Take a moment and enjoy this break, it’s not going to last forever. In fact, they’re brewing your mojo up right now and you won’t be sitting this still again for a long time. The coming elixir is extra powerful as your ruler Mars retros back into Sagittarius for a stretch, joining Saturn before heading back into its ancient territory, Scorpio. The first couple weeks of March don’t appear to further the plot, use it as a training ground to prepare for all the power you’re about to have at your disposal. Serious Romance is on the horizon by month’s end.

Taurus Moon and Rising:  Honey, just act as if you’re gonna be drunk all month and take appropriate precautions. All month? Yeah, I think so. See, it’s not a bad thing at all IF you know what’s happening. So many people and distractions are coming your way and everyone is just vibing off you, you’re so fizzy and light and yummy. This is a heady month, with a Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T Square on the 5th, a Solar Eclipse in Pisces on the 8th and Lunar Eclipse in Virgo on the 23rd and various lesser Yods and T Squares…your flower crowned head fairly spins. Try to focus on one point, particularly in your work sector, and avoid the histrionics of your fellows. Say ‘Yes’ to everything on the 29th and don’t you dare be sitting at home on the couch. Fate calls!

Gemini Moon and Rising:  I’ll be doing a separate post on the Eclipses, but felt I really needed to give you a heads’ up here. To quote one of the greats “Love and work, that is all there is.” There’s no way out of either and with the first Solar Eclipse in your career sector and Mars zippin’ between your daily routine and partnership sectors, you’re not going to get a break. And of all the signs, you’re most equipped to handle the pace. Use this time to make major traction in your work and love life, there will be plenty of time to decompress by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of the 23rd. Is there something you can do on a daily basis that takes less time than brushing your teeth and helps you let go of your favorite pastime of being super anxious? There is! Hint: Starts with a “B” and you’re doing it right now.

Cancer Moon and Rising:  Do you want the good news first or the bad news? The good news is there is no bad news. You’ve got Mars retro about to head back into your health and routines sector. Daily life could start to feel even more constrained. Jupiter is still giving you nothing but love in your 9th House of higher education and travel. Take your luck where you can get it, this is THE perfect time to go legit degree wise AND get the hell outta Dodge. It will never be more supported than now. Your creative fires are as stoked as ever, see if you can apply them to your emotional life. Can you take what you’ve been given, like maybe disappointment, and turn it into something else? You’re made for greater things, go out and get it.

Leo Moon and Rising:  Are you comfortable up there? Have everything you need?…You don’t hear any rumbling do you? Oh because the New Moon Solar Eclipse is happening in your house of SEX AND DEATH AND OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. No, not a big deal or anything! Well, since you asked…$ has been going well for you, and it may get even better. Secrets and secret feelings may reveal themselves to you in the coming months, remember, Eclipses influence things up to six months into the future. Any sort of psychic or physical travel you can do will only up your creativity and openness. You’re in a unique position to be able to absorb everything you read or hear the next 6 weeks, it’s like your super power. In love or looking for it? Venus attracts from your house of partnership through the 12th, you vibrate with vim and vigor and no one who meets you now will be immune to your unusually airy charms.

Virgo Moon and Rising:  This Eclipse pair light up your house of marriage then self, in that order. You have a tendency to get love addict-y around partners but if you’ve beaten that then you may have a new real love partner on the horizon. And if you haven’t beaten that, you may have a new enemy on the horizon who is not what they appear. Keep your eyes open and don’t make any fast decisions. You’ll have plenty of coming-down time by the end of the month to look before you leap. In the meantime, enjoy the extra jolt you’ll get from the intrigue. You’re going to take a swim through the underworld and it’s going to do you some good as sitting on the shore trying not to get dirty becomes such a bore after a while. Like good acid, you appreciate the shift in perspective but don’t expect it to last forever. You won’t even need a coin in your pocket for this trip as you WILL be coming back.

Libra Moon and Rising:  You’ve had trouble expressing yourself and doing what’s good for both YOU and those you care about at the same time. March could bring you some needed balance as the opportunity to walk a previously hidden middle path comes to light. Soothe away any discord with some extra time set aside to enjoy a passion igniting performance or time with a loved one. Speaking of which, you might find yourself “torn between two lovers” or loves as the case may be. How do you decide? Lean toward that which embodies your longer term goals. What feeds your spirit? I know you know! The equivocating comes from wanting to do what appears right vs. what is right for you. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty or appear slightly uncouth, the rewards are so worth it. You own the month from the 23rd on, so save your best moves and most enchanting spells until then. You’ll be in peak form and able to glamour the globe in one go, why would anyone even want to resist?

Scorpio Moon and Rising:  Party vamp is hardly your image, but the beginning of March sees you on a mental vacation. And though there are always depths to plunder and mysteries to solve, really just go with the spectacular flow for now. Soon enough, you’ll have to get back to work. In fact, you’ll be all work and no play for awhile. But this time, it will be more on your own terms with opportunities to plump up your biz with helping hands and maybe some investors. Yeah, Saturn is coming back to town in a while and you’ve got that weird yin/yang money thing going on…but you wouldn’t be you if there wasn’t some bizzaro back story happening. You prefer an intense dive to a smooth sail, and the next 7 months see a bit of both happening. You’ve shed a lot of dead weight in the form of old ideas, tyrants and superficial companions since last Halloween. You’re not even in the same movie anymore, time to decide how you’re gonna play it. Mogul, siren or reflecting surface?

Sagittarius Moon and Rising:  Where’s your bravado, your high stepping swagger?  You, who are usually so optimistic, have been plagued by self doubt. I mean, I have always counted on you to sell the fairy dust and bang that ladder against the stars. Without you, there is no magic. You keep trying to fly, you remember flying, you even get off the ground a bit…only to thud back down to earth. March sees a flicker of return to your old spark but keep your expectations in check for now. The Solar Eclipse will be a watershed moment for you, for Sag Risings it will be happening in your root chakra which ties you to your ancient past. You don’t know you anymore. This trip through the nether isn’t over yet, but I predict you are going to come back a more mythical creature than ever before. You will come with powers and gifts you did not possess prior to this journey. And then, look the fuq out.

Capricorn Moon and Rising:  There has been a lot of upheaval with elders in your family lately making work focus just impossible. March sees a return to normalcy, though not to as things were before. All this activity is messing with your chillax setting, make sure you’ve got a solid routine in place for getting into your zone. Please do not make every inch of your personal space into a double duty work space as well. The Lunar Eclipse later in the month is in your career sector throwing into stark relief your need for equilibrium and garden fresh ideas. Replace staid patterns with crisp new ways of doing things, take a risk! Are you really who you want other people to think you are? Reconsider that deal you made with yourself and you-know-who, you’re a power player and part of that means you can do what you want, IF you say you can. Late March is the best time to renegotiate and get what’s best for YOU.

Aquarius Moon and Rising: Who’s that secret crush you keep cyber stalking? And then mucking it up with all your wordy ideology and how different you are and yawn…see, I’m not even listening. I love you Aquarius, and so I can straight tell you like a savage to quit yer yammerin’.  There are only two items on your agenda right now, no wait, three. 1) Calm Your Tits  2) Focus On The Similarities  3) Cultivate Allies.  The Solar Eclipse, which we’ll go into more in depth later, is square in your $ sector. But money is never just about money (except when it is). How are your emotions and your finances tied, and are these ties helping you live up to your own professed values? Though we already know the answer, I would caution you to not use it as a freak-out launch pad and instead, take a meditative approach. In March, your super power, if you choose to accept it, is to observe yourself and others without judgement or trying to change anything. Radical Acceptance or…yeah, keep doing what you’re doing.

Pisces Moon and Rising:  You’re the star of the March Show. The Solar Eclipse throws your emotional landscape and your sense of self into brilliant relief. Will it be a gaudy, over the top production or a refreshing swim into your spiritual depths? An odd mix of money and the divine continue to come into play as Saturn in your career sector forces you and those about you to take your public self extremely seriously. There’s a good chance later in the month that anyone else’s resources that you’ve been waiting on will come to fruition and plop into your cherubic lap. You’re about to turn a corner and experience a sudden psychic rearrangement early this month, the kind people spend years working to achieve. Lest you think March is just one golden ticket after another, let me remind you that you are not to take your eyes or attention off of any business or romantic partner for the duration. Keep your hands on your wallet and don’t slack off, this is not the time to leave details to others and then feign ignorance later on. This March can be the beginning of your legendary breakthrough, make it happen!



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