Full Moon in Virgo

The Moon is Full in Virgo on February 22nd at 10:20 PST. This Full Moon completes the cycle which started on the Virgo New Moon of September 13th, 2015. If you’re feeling this Moon hard during the ramp up, it’s not your imagination. This Virgo Full Moon is part of a Thor’s Hammer with those famouse shite stirrers, Uranus-Pluto.

Opposed by both Neptune and Ceres, this Virgo Full Moon asks us to examine our ideas of service, health, abundance and escape. Are WE being served or is it all one way so we don’t have to be vulnerable? Are we considering our emotional health when we analyze situations? Are those seeds planted last September growing as they should or do we need to adjust? And finally, are we escaping in ways that enhance our connection to the divine, such as creation of art, or are we dissolving into the identities of those around us?

This Virgo Full Moon is as strong as any entheogen and you’ll be trippin’ balls for the rest of the week. Be prepared to see a lot of dark corners in your newly illuminated consciousness, know the difference between what can be cleaned up and what (and whom!) needs to be purged. You know by now, not everything can be fixed. Be free anyway.



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