Card of The Day

Today’s draw has brought the Seven of Wands to Weise Owl readers.  This energy is exemplified by Mars in Leo and in its highest form manifests as courage. Old French takes corage from the Latin “cor” =heart.

On the surface this all sounds very saving kittens from burning buildings which is positively valiant! However there are smaller victories to be had and the fiery Seven of Wands can be used to peek into the darker corners of our own oily little hearts.

Is there a truth about yourself you’re afraid to face {spoiler alert, YES!}? Maybe you secretly want to kick puppies or jab your thumb into that yoga teacher’s eye or maybe things are just really hard and you’re sick of pretending you still want to be married or you can finally admit…whatever it is you want to admit, to yourself.

What does it mean to be brave? Find out by spending some time meditating on the Seven of Wands and looking for the places inside where you could use a bit of spiritual muscle. This is a great card to use for bringing qi to the heart chakra. Don’t be afraid to grow!



One thought on “Card of The Day

  1. Great reading on the 7 of Wands. Just Monday my supervisor at work asked me if I growling. I think I was. And I definitely think that my job does not fit me anymore. Don’t know if it ever did!


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