Mercury Con Aquarius

Mercury will be zinging through Aquarius today making your mind a hungry mouth. This is a super creative vibe and perfect for coming up with original ideas and no-one-has-ever-thought-of-this insights.

The keyword for today is intuition. Mercury communicates and is like a highway or neural connection, ready to carry the message. Uranus is like Central Command for generating direct communication with the Universe itself. Yes, we are talking about direct messages from Glob!

I use Uranus/Aquarius interchangeably. You can feel the difference in these two because Mercury thoughts are sifted up, you think your way to the bottom of something and come to a conclusion after like, a thousand thoughts. Uranus is BOOM, lights are on! Like you’re getting your tires rotated and making a grocery list and suddenly (and it’s always suddenly) an entire connection or problem is illuminated. In a flash you understand quantum physics, reincarnation, your brother’s crazy, the ending to that movie, what your college professor meant that time, THE MEANING OF LIFE.

Seize the day by listening to that voice. Don’t try to analyze it or minimize it or put it back in the box. The lights never stay on forever so for now, just enjoy the view.


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