New Moon in Aquarius

Nothing beats a fresh New Moon in air, so frosty! A true new start begins today at 6:39 PST with the Moon hitting Aquarius. Aqua themes are activated and include brilliance, individuality, humanitarianism, originality and rebellion to name just a few.

Famous Aquarians include Virgina Woolf, James Joyce and Kate Chopin to name but a very few lest this list be the whole post. But you get the far out, starry picture.

This New Moon gets an extra kick from a Mars in Scorpio square, use that tension to get out and move around, avoid combustive situations. Take a look at your chart, where is this happening for YOU? Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th house and whatever you have going on there will have that vague spark of Aqua ozone happening. Combine this information with whatever actual house Aquarius rules for you and a picture starts to form.

If Mercury is the mind of man, Uranus is its higher form, channeling inspiration from the gods themselves. One of my favorite Uranian experiences are the sudden insights that come out of nowhere and have nothing to do with our mental chatter.

Make the most of this New Moon by wearing a touch of metallic silver or electric blue and don’t let anything bring you down, Earth isn’t even on the map today.


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