Card of The Day

Your card for this evening’s draw is Temperance. This is a card we’ve discussed before and which asks us to adjust ourselves ever to the middle path. What can we transform in ourselves which will bring us into balance? It is possible that we may need a moment to reflect before answering this question.

For inspiration, think in terms of opposites and look at how you can combine them. Whether it is different parts of our psyche or a change from one phase of life to another, how can we make something new? What are you doing with incoming information, especially anything disturbing and unfiltered? Meditate on turning those feelings into positive actions. Oh but that is really hard! Yes! And I’m not talking about some mental gymnastics. Make it real, give it a try. What do you see now? I’ve always loved Dita Von Teese’s take on glamour as a “manufactured” kind of beauty.

Temperance asks us to do something similar, using the tools at hand. See what needs fixing up and get to it, Dita’s Rule can apply to ANYTHING.


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