February Horoscopes

When my love swears that she is made of truth, I do believe her, though I know she lies.*

Ah yes, February. Will you find love? Run from love? Punch love in the mouth? Let’s find out!

Aries Moon and Rising: While it’s been interesting watching you become more contemplative, Hamlet is really not your style. That busy head has had trouble making things happen. Slow is actually a speed ya know, give it a try and you’ll find you possess a new, methodical depth. Avoid tangling with annoying people and things will get considerably lighter by mid-month. Never one to be alone, if you don’t have a sweetie by Valentine’s, take heart, the longer range forecast says you’ll be paired up in the end.

Taurus Moon and Rising:  Look at you getting busy! I LOVE it. You remind me of an antique photo I recently saw of some pagan Britons doing a local, forgotten horn ritual with stag antlers. All your solutions involve staying close to your natural source. Keep it green and Goddess help anyone trying to push or pull you off your leafy path. With Venus in Earth most of the month, you’re in your element. You’ve got the power come Valentine’s to shake off the old work/love routines and get into the future. Visualize darlings, it can all be yours.

Gemini Moon and Rising:  You’ve been a champ with all the recent ups and downs. A couple of things you should know moving forward. The first is take a look around for your most grounding mentor whether it be a boss or family member or that picture of Helen Mirren you have taped inside your bathroom mirror. And channel that shit. You have a chance in early February to start prepping for your great escape. I know you don’t like big heavy themes but yeah, you gotta deal this time. That popping sound you hear on Valentine’s will be the end of the Merc Retro shadow and you’ll have the much needed clarity you’ve been looking for, all answers included.

Cancer Moon and Rising:  The stability you have been craving at long last begins its return in February. Before you get all settled into the party, let’s do a quick review. If you can live without it, let it go. If it’s half yours and half theirs and you can live without it, let it go. Many of your entanglements with people you’d rather not deal with are centered on the things you share with them, so if you want the Ruiners to jet outta there, let go. Valentine’s could see things heating up with an ex or a new love interest. Make sure it’s what you want and that more than the names have been changed. Okay, NOW you can get your party on.

Leo Moon and Rising:  Rawr! There you are learning all the big lessons! When will it end? Hey look at it this way, it’s all grist for the mill. Put it in your creative bank account and use it for that artistic project, which will be picking up speed over the next three months. Believe me, no one who has everything consistently going their way has anything to draw on compared to you imagination-wise. I know you’ll hate it but I gotta say it, watch your $$. And come Valentine’s decide how much it matters whether you’re in a fantasy romance or a reality show, because anything that messes with your inspiration is a no-go. You’ll have fun no matter where you are and that’s why we love you.

Virgo Moon and Rising:  You are so powerful, you just gotta learn to drive this baby! You are continuing to transform and burning through some ancient karma, you don’t need to drag it around anymore and honey, you aren’t. It’s like you’re deep cleaning your psyche. Remember, this stuff has to bubble to the surface so we have a chance to zap it. Don’t get thrown off. You are riding a wave that honestly, hasn’t even peaked. Use it to reevaluate jobs and relationships that are holding you back, ask yourself “Is this serving my highest good?” If the answer is “No” then you know what you’ve got to do. Come Valentine’s you have so many choices, everyone loves you right now and you’re throwing so many sparks. You have a chance to heal whatever hurt you back in November of last year and become a Creative Genius.

Libra Moon and Rising: You’re a dark bitch with x-ray vision whether you’re a boy or a girl. Gawd! Can you even believe people??!! Especially you who are always giving the benefit of the doubt, no amount of sugar is gonna make this an ice cream cone. You know what dear Libran, it’s okay. I give you permission to be selfish and hold your energy on the inside while you sort out what you want to do. Do not be afraid to fire anyone that is not supporting your growth or that is holding you back. Think of it as the ruthless editing of a poem which in the end will be the creation of a masterpiece. Valentine’s may come early for you as once you’ve pared everything else down, one dashing someone will come into stark relief. Enjoy!

Scorpio Moon and Rising:  The magic for you is in the fresh opportunities to create. Everyone talks about how much you like to kill, destroy, reap. But the other side of that Stygian coin is reinvention, and we’re coming up on new chances to put the flowers where YOU want them. Your focus is coming back a bit, finally! And so all that argumentative energy you’ve had can be put to proper use. Let the villagers fight among themselves, use your vision to lift you into the next dimension. Oneness through spiritual union is the source of your inspiration now. For Valentine’s your date is no less than the Divine and everyone you meet on a similar path. Don’t settle for less.

Sagittarius Moon and Rising: It’s been weird. But that’s okay, you can do weird. You have been getting splendidly concrete with who you are and what you’re about. February sees you leaving some funk behind and this is your real New Year start. You have the ability to get big things accomplished later this month and your finances are going to get a boost. Venus and Saturn will be joined by Mercury in Sagittarius and by Valentine’s things should start to feel more comfortable again. I don’t know if you’ll ever be who you were before, but once you get your thrill-on, it won’t matter. Your Valentine this February is Optimism, it’s always been your best color and you are going to be all hotted up in it.

Capricorn Moon and Rising:  ChChChanges baby. New Year and a New You. Where to even start? You’re on the move between now and May, whether that’s literal or metaphorical depends on you. Trickster Uranus keeps bouncing around your literal house of Home and Ancestors and all that stuff you started to lose or transform back in 2008 (Pluto) is coming to a head. Avoid pointless conflicts and concentrate on what you can change in yourself, especially ideas that don’t suit you anymore. Expect clashes over $ the first week but what else is new? You’re going to know so much more by the end of February it’s not even worth sweating the details for now. Your special Valentine this year is Patience. Love it, pet it, make it your own and when the time comes, it will kick into gear and help you rule the day like the zen mafia boss we know you are.

Aquarius Moon and Rising:  Get a grip my little aquabats, it’s unlike you to be so emo bot! I get it, nothing’s gone according to plan. Take heart my little kumquats of lightening, your circuits will be minty fresh again just in time for Valentine’s. IF you avoid emotional spending and quick fixes as well as any tired old romantic plots, you will be rewarded with some new ideas about yourself. You’ll be off and running like a sleek future machine before you know it. In the meantime, give it till the Full Moon on the 22nd before you start worrying about anyone else. Remember, put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST then save the rest of us. We’ll never make it without you, so straighten up!

Pisces Moon and Rising:  Otherworldly, psychic, but unable to be objective about yourself. And yet you’ve been plowing through one delusion after another and doing the work to the point that, you may be the sanest of us all. Abandon yourself to clarity and recognize that Saturn is here to help you accomplish all your visionary goals. Clean house and clean up, you are due for major rewards. This Valentine’s might be the best one you’ve had in a while, in part because of all the personal transformation you’ve brought upon yourself. You are proof of the supernatural. Romance is in the air, and though a ridiculously busy time, abundance in all areas are yours. Pisces is everyone’s spirit animal  this February.

*Shakespeare, Sonnet CXXXVIII




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