Card of The Day

Today’s draw has brought us the Princess of Wands. This flaming princess is all about enthusiasm for life.

If you are reading this, the time for high spirits and passion is upon you. This card is all about the SPARK, so get it going, whatever it is.

Yes, yes our dear flame princess can be restless and a bit unbridled but those are problems for another time.

For now, just enjoy sexy Venus in the fire signs whether you express as an Adonis or an Aphrodite or anything in between, you are on fire. Use this energy to not just set the intention for change but to actually get moving.

Meditate on the joy of living just for today. What inspires you, what is stirring in you like a distant siren? Answer that call while you can. Adventure awaits for you, if you’re willing. Go ahead, light the match. Everyone should be a fire zombie, at least for a day, doncha think? Throw on something red, get out there and MANIFEST. Enjoy this gorgeous energy.


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