Mercury Direct

Mercury goes direct today, January 25th, after being retrograde since January 5th. However the roots reach back even farther as the shadow phase began December 19th 2015. Wow that’s a lotta Retro energy. And it’s not over yet!

Today you might feel a bit of a much needed mental clearing, but this Retrograde will have a strong shadow through Friday of this week and then weaken through February 15th.

Those of you with strong Mercury in your charts have been riding this one out: Old lovers, overlooked details, miscommunication, your computers…I know, I’ve heard from MANY of you! You’re almost there! The same with those who have sensitive points between Capricorn and Aquarius.

There is nothing inherently bad about a Mercury Retrograde as long as you are prepared for the unexpected and as always, focus on the element in which the Retrograde is happening. In this case, Air and Earth. It can be harder on the energetic and more forward looking amongst us, but this is always an energy that can be worked with.

The Road Ahead: January 30th Mercury conjunct Pluto, February 1st Mercury square Uranus and square Black Moon Lilith, February 6th Mercury trine Jupiter, February 8th Mercury trine North Node and February 15th Mercury is at 1 degree Aquarius and out of the shadow phase.

Make the most of this special time. REview, REwrite, REconsider, anything with a RE in front of it will keep you on top of this period and help you make the most of it. Life is short, there are no “bad” times astrologically speaking, but there are ways we can adjust to make the most of where we’re at.



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