Full Moon In Leo

The Moon is Full in Leo Saturday January 23rd at 17:45 PST. I hope you’re having a party or attending some kind of artistic event because it doesn’t get much better than this.

Look to the house this Moon falls in for you as well as anything along the 3 degree point, bonus points for fire. This is where it’s happening for YOU. Because even the most watery chart has Leo somewhere.

The Full Moon illuminates the house it is lighting up, and this is a good place to do a quick check-in on the themes of leadership, creativity, playfulness and childlike wonder. No other sign gets as many adjectives as Leo. If you are a Leo Sun, Moon or Rising–this is your power day. You are a star baby, shine!

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is:  “A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back From A Hunting Expedition.”  Where are you playing the elder and using gifts brought back from your adventures? Are you helping those coming up behind you and leading in a dignified manner while still appreciating the silliness of youth?

This has the energy to be the best Saturday night of the year, don’t waste it. Even if you’re on your own throw on something gold and get out of there, even if it’s just to the laundromat. This night you are the King and or Queen of beasts.



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