Proper Use of The Void

Every couple of days the Moon goes “Void-of-Course.” That is, it makes its last major aspect to a planet and just drifts unconnected in a sign until it hits the next aspect in the next sign.

This Void-of-Course can last anywhere from a few minutes to, in my memory, three days. Let’s say you just got a nice New Moon in fire and you’re all ready to go on a project but let’s say that New Moon then went void three minutes in. Hear me and delay that shizz.

Now obvy this is such a frequent occurrence that we can’t go all bats every time it happens. But it is nice to have a general feel for when voids will occur while planning major events in your life. There are lots of websites and calendars devoted to Void-of-Course Moons, a quick Google will lay it all out for you.

One nice way to look at these voids is to consider them a time when the veil is thin, with a particular flavor related to the sign the void is happening in. Example: Void in Virgo? Clean your closet or take a nice soak. These are times of repose.

Intuition is unusually strong during Void of Course Moons.  Yoga and meditation are especially supported, it’s a wonderful time to have a tarot reading or any other otherworldly pursuit. This is yet another rhythm we can learn to tune in to. Just as we wouldn’t plant daffodils in the middle of a blizzard,  we wouldn’t want to start a new job or go on a first date during a void if at all possible. Instead, use these juicy little chunks to segue fully into the moment, they provide natural breaks in the action where we can pause and reflect on what and where we are. Enjoy this fabulousness every chance you get.



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