Black Star

If you are a David Bowie fan, and if you haven’t listened to his last album, well get out there and get prepared to get your mind blown. With Lazarus, The Man Who Fell To Earth pretty much showed us how to die, thereby nullifying all future philosophies on the subject. Because ART.

Lots of words happening, most exalting but some a bit exploitative. Yes, David Bowie did rawk star thangs in his youth. Don’t care, not even going to entertain it. The early 70’s were a different time than our current, slightly more prudish bordering on hysterical environs. What I’m trying to say is there was no gluten free.

How about that other stuff, was The Thin White Duke also a magic man? I’d say YAS and for that I love him all the more. There are very few great artists,  powerful politicians, 1%ers that aren’t up to their gizzards in occult practices. Because in the end, the energy all comes from the same place it’s how you use it.

There is always a bit of squick using a person who has left this realm to talk about astrology. How do I know Alan Rickman would be okay with me discussing his chart? Maybe he hated astrology! (Just as an example, I have no idea what Alan’s feelings were on the subject. Though to be clear, I adored Alan).

I have no such reservations with Robert David Jones, aka David Bowie. I feel you, you left a little of that star dust behind for the rest of us, just a bump. Go crazy kids, listen to the album, check out Tumblr for In the Villa of Ormen and The Villa Of Ormen. There are lot salty crumbs he left behind, live your life and it eat up.

From Quicksand

“…If I don’t explain what you ought to know/You can tell me all about it on the next Bardo…”



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