Card of The Day

The Art, or Temperance card, applies whenever we are looking at not only issues of balance, but transformation. This lovely card shows the unification of the Fire and Water elements, the most extreme example of disparate qualities.

Needless to say, there is quite a bit of magic where these opposites can mingle. And though technically we associate this card with Mercury as the Ruler of Virgo and the Zodiac of Sagittarius, I also can’t help but think of red hot Mars diving into black Scorpio waters.

Could there be a fixed point where these elements were never separate to begin with, perhaps in the field of that which is unformed?

I see a light plunging through murky depths. You ARE these elements, what do they say, 80% water? All those electrical impulses we carry, even our hopes, they could start a fire!

Focus on attracting peace and avoiding the distractions of excess in and around you as you meditate on this mesmerizing card*. Where you see extremes, aim once again for the middle.

*Please click on the photo for the name of this beautiful deck.




One thought on “Card of The Day

  1. Thank you. As this is opening night for the play, I am seeing how staying calm, breathing, being grounded in mind & body are essential. Not just for the play but for balance. (Forgot all about that word!) OOXX


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