Mars In Scorpio

Start your engines, we’re in for a long ride. You can think of Mars as the engine of your chart, and he just plunged into Scorpio and will be mostly hanging out there until autumn of 2016. Let’s take a look through the houses, shall we?

Find the house in your chart that is ruled by Scorpio. Keywords for Scorpio are: Transformation, sexuality, the occult, depth. Got it? See Scorps is all about penetrating the underworld and spiritual renewal, there is nothing surface about this energy. Now, add  Mars ignition fire and this is your sector that will be heating up. Really fantastic, sexy energy for 2016!

First House: You’re the Al Pacino of the zodiac, intense and not to be trifled with. Amazing stamina and mental energy, there is a laser beam quality to your persona right now. Use it wisely, remember high-low Mars energy: Yes, you see through the bullshit but is it a philosophical experience or a physical altercation? You decide. Keep extremely physically active and remember, Scorpio always sees far more than they are allowed to say, most people do not want the truth. The truth is for YOU to deal with.

Second House: You’re making that money honey, don’t spend it too fast. You value action right now and may find you are attracting a lot of authority types. Help them to wield power in a way that serves truth, because that is what’s best for you in the end, top from the bottom if you must. Your values may run to extremes, a cooling water meditation can help to center you. There is such a juicy opportunity to rev up your business or business acumen here and keep it on the upward trajectory. Invest in what feeds your soul be it a great psychoanalyst or a crystal ball.

Third House: Your words are magic! You can transform and even kill with words right now. And you sure have the desire to communicate whether verbally or via text. And you have a busy head, try not to let it keep you up at night. A nice, high grade Mars way to do this is get busy reading and writing about esoterica–those mysteries of life. I mean really, what is it all about?? Do not fight with your neighbors or your siblings, amongst which there will surely be at least one ready to go at it with you. Deconstruct thoughts, language, ideas or even a good Agatha Christie. And practice good sleep hygiene so you can turn the head off when you need to and get some zzzz’s.

Fourth House:  You are the head of the household right now, and you rule that roost. You’re also getting younger than shizz, that isn’t your imagination. An excellent time to restructure your living situation be it through a move, a remodel or some home gym action. Your home is your watery abode of regeneration and renewal and this is a great time to cycle into the upswing because the tide is coming in for you. Scorpio can show where we’ve suffered a psychic death and if your family or home was a dark place, this is a nice time to turn it into a sacred space. Remember, Mars wants action and doesn’t care which direction, that part’s up to you.

Fifth House:  You are in for such a good time if you let it happen! It’s crucial that you use your powers for good. Want me to give you some old timey astro talk? “You will meet a man….”. Or, fight with yours. Your creative energy is up the amp! All those fertile impulses are firing. Exmaples: Are you gonna go gamble all your $ away? Or are you going to meet the love of your life? Paint your magnum opus or start compulsively sexing? It’s up to you, literally, USE THE FORCE. And if you don’t know how, find someone to help you. Ask the Universe for help.

Sixth House:  Work revamp! A spectacular time to change how you work or address some health issues, often related to work. You are a productive mofo, and remember this transit is just BEGINNING so you are nowhere near where this is gonna go for you. Be careful not to overwork, but use this to work smarter. You have a perseverance right now that is unmatched and a knack for breakthroughs in your own health routines and any work environment you inhabit. Maybe you’re a scientist about to make a game changing discovery or a sex worker about to encounter a big jerk. How WE vibrate is up to us, that’s what we’re going to attract. Use this big boost to rocket into where you want to be, not focus on where you don’t want to be, get it? Good.

Seventh House:  A great initiator in partnerships be they business or pleasure, if you count marriage as pleasure. Low Mars can be a violent partnership, high Mars can be the best lover you’ve ever had. How do you play it right? Focus on yourself. Are you taking care of you? Are you getting as good as you give, are you able to evolve as a person in your partnership? If not, you can use this Mars push to ask for what you need. Don’t placate or people please in any partnership. And if that partnership can’t tolerate your being in self-care mode, you know what to do. “Next please!”

Eighth House:  No matter who you are, you are a sexy betch right now. Secrets are going to be revealed to you, the Universe is opening like a black rose and might even drop some $ on you. Get in there and enjoy it. Avoid arguing with loved ones about cold money, instead dive deep into what really matters. You can get to some core truths about existence right now in a way you haven’t been able to in the last two years. Let’s get metaphysical and transform whatever it is that’s been gettin’ you down. You only care about what’s real and know that, most of it isn’t.

Ninth House: You just have to stay above it all. It doesn’t matter that you have mastered the Ultimate Reality and are surrounded by those who are still trying to figure out how their velcro sneakers work. You don’t have to take anyone with you on the road to enlightenment. In fact, people have to get there on their own, it’s the only way. There’s always more to see and know, you might start feeling fired up about learning new things or challenging those sacred cows you’ve gotten used to. Bonus points if you do it on the shores of some exotic locale or utilize the truths of another culture’s belief systems to get your motor running. Remember, if you’re secure in your beliefs, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Everyone is free to be their own me.

Tenth House: This is a wonderful time to think about what career success means to you. Is it doing what you love, making money, being your own boss? However you define it, now is the time you are driven to achieve it. You can afford to be a maverick right now, strive to beat your own previous best . If you feel tempted to clash with an authority figure such as a boss, ask yourself “how important is it to be right?” and instead, put your energy into being a pioneer by being first to try things a new way. After all, innovation is the first step to getting to the top and doing it your way.

Eleventh House: If you don’t have a dream of your ideal future, you better get you some. You have the ability to martial the resources, the friends and the pure fiery chutzpah to make those dreams happen. Forget frenemies and friction, you are the natural leader here and you are in demand! Enjoy it! Chanel that energy into a group humanitarian project like a beach clean up or karate class. Don’t do this transit alone, join a group if you have to. Keep it noble, keep it physical and give your dreams a chance. Meditate on your highest goals (which I know are in line with your natal North Node, riiiight?) and Make It Happen in sweet ’16.

Twelfth House: Guuuuurl (or boy), you’ve got the power right now. You are a hot, psychic fire with x-ray vision and laser intuition. Damn! If I were you, and I wish I were, I would straight up just start with a dream journal. Because you are taking straight dictation from the other side and you don’t want to miss it. It’s ok to chill and minimize the social dramz for now, it’s not your imagination. You have so many channels open right now, being in public can be exhausting as you are a microphone for everyone else’s thoughts. The best thing you can do is a grounding exercise and master being able to close that channel off when you need to. “If this is your first night, you have to fight.” –Fight Club

Again, if you don’t know where Scorpio is in your chart, go to Astrodienest or similar to find out. This is an epic transit IF you know how to navigate it. If you’re new, for right now don’t worry about aspects Mars might be making to other areas of your chart, the flavor will be the same give or take. You are dealing with a lot of power right now, use it wisely. If you’re used to driving a Prius, you just got dropped into a Maserati so learn how to handle bb.

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