Card of The Day

Happy New Year! I hope we all have a chance to clear the decks for 2016. If it hasn’t gone the way you hoped, take heart. The Astrological New Year, and some would say the more real New Year, begins with the Spring Equinox. Who doesn’t love a do-over?!

Special thanks to Red Hot Burlesque and their fearless leader Dottie Lux for inviting me to The Battery SF NYE to do readings in my Blue Rune Lounge. Every guest I read for was impossibly beautiful inside and out. Some very bright, shiny energy happening over there, and the world certainly needs that.

Which brings me to our Card of The Day. If you’re reading this post, this card is for you.

Ok, Nine of Swords, what does that mean?! It looks terrible! The astrology of this card is Mars in Gemini, meaning a busy head. Do you ever do this to yourself? Lay in bed and think about all the awful things that can happen to you and all the ways things won’t work out? That’s the Nine of Swords. We all do this to ourselves at one time or another.

The Hope of the Nine of Swords comes from facing our fears. Well that is all very nice, but what if they look too big and too scary? Nonsense! First, stay in the moment, what is happening RIGHT NOW? Because that is really all that has to be dealt with. Most of the sting of the Nine of Swords comes from getting ahead of yourself, you are not in next week, month or year. You are here, and what is there to do? Make lunch? Go to sleep? See a scary boss in the morning? You can do it! Yes, maybe there are some larger issues that need to be dealt with, but chances are a lot of your fears are like shadow projections that look a lot bigger than they are. So, put a big ol’ stop sign in your head, practice your biggest grin (it changes your brain chemistry) and remind yourself that A) You are probably underestimating your resources B) You are probably overestimating your problem/s and C) None of it is actually happening RIGHT NOW.

If you have a favorite way to stop your brain’s spin cycle, let us know in the comments.


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