Full Moon in Cancer

I was going to call this post “Fear of A Bitch Planet” but felt it might harsh your Yuletide vibe. Whatever you’re doing tonight, there’s a good chance you probably think your neighbors are doing it better. And they might be–but remember there’s always room for you on ye olde Big Blue Marble (TM).

I’m going to say what I always say about Cancer Moons–Call your mother! As one of my fave astrologers, Linda Rose, used to say “call your mother, dead or alive.” And another of her gems “to feel is to heal.” The Full Moon in Cancer is super strong, so you’ll be feeling it. All of it.

The Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 3:11 PST. The Sabian Symbol is: “A Cat Arguing With A Mouse.” Take a look at which house in your chart is ruled by Cancer, now look at where your natal Moon sits. How are you dealing with issues of nurturing, domesticity and motherhood (yours or someone else’s?).  Crabs can be moody and stubborn on the outside and there’s a good chance of the energetic tide being out right about now. Try not to get tangled up in other people’s emotional storms and pay attention to your dreams as the veil is still pretty thin after the recent solstice.

Oh yes, and they don’t call it Uranus for nothin’. Uranus has been retr0grade since July 26 and will finally go direct on Christmas. The Full Moon combined with our current ramp up to Mercury Retrograde and Uranus direct may lead to more than a few fried nerves and keyboards. Proceed slowly tomorrow. Note how a cat can sit for such a long time before makes a move, you may want to emulate this during tomorrow’s volatility. If by tomorrow night, everyone is still speaking to you and you to them–consider it a win. Good luck!



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