Card of The Day

In visualizing what would best serve Weise Owl readers over the coming days as we tumble through trying times, the 5 of Cups has been drawn. If you’re reading now, this card is for you.

Ah yes, how appropriate. We are currently in one of the middle of 2015’s most intense astrology moments:  The Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus-Pluto T Square which began November 29th, peaks December 9th and sort of ends on December 15th. At least, Pluto drops out on the 15th and the rest keep on keeping on through December 24th.

The Five of Cups asks “How sober do you want to be?”  This card is embodied by Mars in the first decan of Scorpio. Illusions are shattered, now we must learn to crawl before we stand and walk. It’s all for the good if we avoid the bitterness that can go with loss. Feel the pain, but don’t spend your life there.

Finding hope with this card is accepting the loss of our delusions in order to move on.  Find a way to get ready, unstick yourself from the swamp of sorrows, wave goodbye to the past and catch a nice current outta there. The trick is believing the future is as big as the past, you’re not done yet! It’s just time to wake up.


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