Black Metal Love

On 11/11 at 9:47 we will have a New Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol is “A Woman Draws Away Two Dark Curtains Closing The Entrance To A Sacred Pathway.”

Despite Scorpio’s rock star of the zodiac status, I do tend to consider it one of the more spiritual signs primarily because Scorpio energy has the ability and the compulsion to penetrate any surface. Scorps peeps see everything and eventually learn to say nothing mostly because of all the feigned fuss it kicks up. They see that shell game you’re playing, the lies you’re telling yourself or others, the flimsiness of it all. Everyone sitting there acting like the world isn’t all about sex and death all the time and every interaction is either a loss of or gain of energy, ie power. Ah yes, power. Everyone is trying to get it or pretending they have it and the power of certain Scorpios is that they have already made friends with death and so that right there gives them a bit of a leg up, wouldn’t you say?

Mercury will conjunct both the Sun and New Moon, making it an excellent time to take a look at whatever is behind those curtains. Perhaps a previously unknown path is now open to us or something hidden will now be revealed, as so often happens when the Moon is in Scorpio. Take a look at which house is ruled by Scorpio in your chart, as well as the placements for Mars and Pluto. When taken together, these energies begin to paint your shadowy, Scorpio side.

Harness this New Moon by channeling your inner Scorpio–and oh, it’s in there, I promise. Wear something black, eat or drink a little dark chocolate or espresso perhaps an oyster or something smokey and indulge some chamber music. Whoever your favorite Scorp is, spend a little time meditating on them, borrow a bit of their essence. Explore your relationship with the Scorpio themes of death, power and communication, for these represent a pathway to even greater mystery, and what’s more Scorpio than that? Happy New Mooning!


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