Card of The Day

“So it was to have freedom she did it but like a secret thought./ The thought of him the light couldn’t touch.”

from Jorie Graham’s The Dream of the Unified Field

Today we are looking at the message of the Tower card in the Thoth deck. It goes without saying that there is some part in all of us that appears to be set in stone, impervious to transformation. Our very bodies harden around our soul consciousness. If you’re reading this, then this card has been drawn for you.

What dark corners do you keep the dust bunnies in? The symbolism of the Tower is sudden illumination, usually not comfortable when it’s happening. Trust in the process, this isn’t really even a matter of letting go. This is the bolt of lightening. As you meditate on this card, ask yourself “where am I not looking? What actions or mindset would set me on the path to my highest good?” Saturn is the tower here, and Uranus the shock of the (en) lightening moment. Take a look at your transits to see what these two are up to in your chart or just let the rich imagery of the card itself be the focus of your mental energy for today.


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