Hanging From The Corner of The Moon

Welcome to Samhain Day, an intense 9 degree Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon infused start to November. On November 2nd, Mercury zips into Scorpio, edging us even deeper into the witchery, even if you’re not a witch. I spent the days leading up to today looking into Eris. Is she Persephone or a Libran Queen or the Black Madonna of the battlefield? Discovered in 2005, the space dust is still settling in her skirts, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this long felt but barely known goddess.

Who better to consult at the crossroads of this season than Hecate herself? We now sit at the juncture of the dead and the living, the dark and the light, the summer and the winter. To find Hecate in your chart, head over to astrodienest and in the “additonal objects” field type “add 100.”  If you’re reading this blog or have any interest in esoteric studies, you’re going to run strong with Hecate. If you make your living through divination, she’s gonna be boss of your chart.

We belong to the night now and our energy turns inward. Find your own inner fire, it’s there, I promise. Where you’re lonely, look back over the unbroken line of mothers you come from, starting with the first. The essence of these women are stored in your mitochondria and we carry their marks in our birthcharts, a never ending procession of Russian nesting dolls sitting by the November fire, stove or heater, reflecting on the coming of winter. You are the fork in the road, and you can choose. Find the parts of yourself that are lost, listen for the women who sat in the caves, you’re a sliver from their bones. Use the extra hours of dark to meditate and find out their stories, choose to go inward. The power is strongest when we hit 15 degrees Scorpio, and by then we’ll be rolling deep.


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