You’re the One That You Want

Our current Scorpio Sun has given an amber glow to the Halloween landscape. Saturn continues to knuckle down into Sagittarius. Have you found yourself in heated philosophical debate? Whether it’s magic or religion, the witch wars are on! How do you know if your philosophy or tradition is a religion, or at least, if it practices religiously? You have a building. That more than anything is the giveaway, more that having a special book or leader. That’s Saturn, giving structure to the whole thing.

We’re gearing up and rushing toward a waxing Full Moon in Taurus at 5:05 a.m. PST on Tuesday. Taurus asks us to examine how secure we are with our bodies, our comforts and our material security. Taurus is the laziest Moon in the best possible way in that she couldn’t possibly pass the roses without a big sniff. If you are in too much of a hurry or too up in your head, this energy can manifest as Not Having Enough. Luxuriate in what you have, even if you feel it isn’t much.

The Sabian Symbol for this Taurus Full Moon is the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow. What and who have you been searching for? If you’ve been waiting for the Big Score financially or romantically and somehow it’s all been eluding you, take a moment on Monday night to have your most valuable shiny object and your most comfy blankets with you and at the ready for the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Come Tuesday morning, have a good hash brown breakfast–potatoes are the best manifestation of Taurus energy and set off slowly into the world wrapped in your softest sweater. If that’s all too Julia Roberts for you, just take the bull by the horns and do your own version of getting back into your body, one sense at a time if necessary.


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