Broom Closet

“When did you first know you were a witch?”

“Are you out to your parents?”

“Do your friends know?”

Meet the Liliths, rebel girls one and all. Our Asteroid Lilith represents society’s fearful projections of feminine power in our chart. You better fix that hair, you better slim them thighs, you better fit right into this nice little box we made for you. And if not? Well if not, there’s gonna be trouble. Wherever this asteroid is showing up in your chart, we can look for our difficulties with who we are vs. what the world tells us we’re supposed to be.

As I write this, a (brand name here) women’s half marathon is taking place and I took a moment to gaze out the windows at the runners. Thousands of women jogging in the same black spandexed bottoms, pony-tailed or braided hair, most with racer back tops. All with devices strapped to their arms, presumably to make sure their heart is beating as many times as they think or have been told it should and count their exact number of steps. Ah, the measure of man. It would be a shock to find many with, for example, Asteroid Lilith in the first house as they are all, with their lady-hipped strides, the very image of culturally approved, zero calorie womanhood.

Dark Moon Lilith is perhaps the least understood. She might exist, but then again, she might not. If she does exist, she is Earth’s second, smaller Moon and she is farther away from us. Unlike the Moon we know, this Dark Moon Lilith does not glow with the reflected Sun or maternal, unconscious energy. Dark Moon Lilith reminds me a bit of a black-coated Super Scully if Scully were one the original Clan Mothers of the spirit world. It’s not personal, but rather a primal, creative force. I hope in time, we come to know more about this force, but she’s not ready yet. It’s interesting that she is even postulated to exist. There are so many great online resources on Dark Moon Lilith, I think my favorites can be found on Astrodienest and in the writings of Mystic Medusa, her Bitchcraft is off the hook.

Black Moon Lilith, like the Lunar Nodes, is a mathematical point with both a True and  Mean Node. I find Mean Black Moon Lilith to be my go-to for the completion of the Lilith Cycle. This point can be described as the apogee of the Moon’s orbit, where she is farthest from Earth. Black Moon Lilith, “initiated as Asteroid, developed as Dark Moon” comes to fruition in relationships, most notably between the Earth and the Moon, bringing with her lost, hidden, or rejected knowledge of nature.

The Triple Moon Goddess mythology exists in every chart, man or woman. Embodied in the Crescent, Full and New Moons, learn to look for this energy and how to harness it. Which Lilith are you going to be today? What phase of Lilith development are you embodying? Take some time to meditate on this important part of our collective psyche.


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