Witch Haus

Tis’ the season…Historically, before the discovery of the outer planets, it was Ye Olde Goate himself, Saturn, associated with witchery. There are three ways to get to a sign’s meaning: House, planet or sign. I talk about them interchangeably. Saturn was a malefic and Capricorn was the sign of the devil, the Lord of Time himself. But, things change.

So, let’s take a look at the October sky and see what witchery be going on. Pluto in Capricorn–yeah I feel like that is old news and no one wants to keep talking about it. Dark, spooky, transformative, Pluto has been all up in that goat. Pluto hangs out in the underworld and stalks around with a scythe, hell, Pluto drinks beer with death. There are numerous studies looking at the charts of magick workers and both Pluto and Capricorn figure prominently. If you’re surprised by Capricorn, do some digging.

Sagittarius is also a big, fat wizard. Uh huh. Concerned with religion and philosophy, as well as higher education, Jupiter takes it all the way. To the point that, whenever I hear of some maniacal cult leader or religious extremest, I look to see where the big guy is sitting in their chart, and I have not been disappointed or had to look very hard to see him prominently situated. But Sag are usually fantastic, if you find one without a sense of humor get right back on that broomstick and disappear. Saturn entering Sagittarius is, among other things, all about hitting that ancient knowledge and hitting it hard.

No discussion of all things witchery would be complete without an appearance by that original housewitch herself, Virgo. Yep, that medicinal maiden/crone has been keeping it real with her cures and woodsy ways since before it was cool to wear a cone hat with buckle shoes. Along with her co-ruler and co-conspirator Chiron she has been fixing what ails you and healing those psychic wounds and unraveling all the mysteries way back, she is the original Dr. House. Hmmm hmmm hmmm, and now we have Jove bouncing around in Virgo, laying down even more super powers. Look out girl, Virgo is on fire.

Quick shout to Pisces/Neptune peeps who walk around not even knowing what they know. We don’t recognize air as a substance similar to water, but Pisces knows we’re all swimming in it. It’s just a lighter version. Every thought wave goes right through these watery little antennaes. If Man isn’t to know things out of Ordinary Time, that these natural psychics were doomed from the start. Jesus was a fish and a witch, dontcha think? Neptune just swam back into Pisces, a whole psychic generation just glided in on that wave.

Aquarius is a magician and currently, Uranus is lighting up Aries. Did I mention that Mars, as original ruler of Scorpio, is definitely in on the witchery? Using the battlefield a a big occult gate, and ushering one and all across the threshold. It makes sense that Aries would be Pluto’s doorman.

Moving through October, we will continue looking at witches, wizards, magicians,  and how to spot ’em and how to cultivate the witchery of your particular chart.


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