Hand Drawn Planet

Saturn entered Sagittarius on September 17, 2014 and will be passing through until December 20, 2017. Will the horse be broken or is Cronus about to get taken for a wild ride? Saturn is associated with, among other things, time. And so though the gallop might be slowed, it will also become more sure-footed and mature, though even the tamest horse, deep down will never stop fighting the bridle.

The last time Saturn made this transit was November 1985 through November 1988, think back to the patterns you were dealing with at that time. Sagittarius is all about optimism, expansion, philosophy, foreign cultures and higher education. Did you get a degree or drop out of school because it demanded too much and you couldn’t make it real? Yeah, suddenly you realized you really had to study that shizz. Or maybe after years of attending church, you realized you were actually an atheist.

Big Daddy Cronus is coming home and so, you better clean up your room or he’ll do it for you. That’s the way Saturn works, he’ll be taking a close, detailed look at what you believe and how hard you are willing to study. And he’s going to get you in line, but as always, the hard work will pay off. You’ll find your freedom lies in doing rather than procrastinating. Oh, and yes, there will be a test. If you’ve been charging off into the bushes just because you hope there might be a windmill in there somewhere be prepared to prove it, build it or change direction. But, it’ll be worth it, I promise!


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