The Moon is a Rose

   Eclipse Alert:   On Sunday, September 27th at 19:50 PST we will experience an Aries Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse. This Blood Moon will appear with a reddish cast. The Aries Full Moon is always the most violent night of the year, the world is not going to end, but try not to put yourself in potentially volatile situations whether they be emotional or physical. For now, the lamb has horns.

The Sabian Symbol for this Harvest Moon is a White Triangle With Golden Wings. Use this Lune de Sang to meditate on the golden thread between the material and the spiritual. Focus on spiritual ascension. How can you rise above your situation? Wanna get groovy? Draw the Sabian Symbol with a Super Moon behind it and use a little blood or something red on the Moon to honor the moment.

Use Astrolabe or Astrodienest to create a free chart and take a look at which House Aries rules in your horoscope. If you’re feeling fancy, look at where your Natal Mars is as well. On the high side themes of spiritual warriorship, individuality and dynamism are supported in these areas. Look also for anything at or close to 5 degrees in your chart as these will also get a power surge.

Themes through the houses are as follows:

First House:   Nurture yourself. Don’t let anyone else define you or tell you who you are. Emphasis is on your individuality and self care. Anything that is even remotely associated with co-dependency is death with the Aries Full Moon in your First House. Take a moment to reflect on this, even if you have to steal it. You can’t support anyone if you don’t have a solid foundation in yourself first.

Second House:  You are your greatest resource, everything you need, all the mystery of the Universe, it’s all in you. Take a break from all the action around you, the mental chatter, your ambitions and the things you want. Forget “Who are you?” and focus on “What are you?”…And who or what is asking the question? Take a trip down the rabbit hole and separate yourself from everything you think you want and see if you can guess at what treasures lay hidden down in the very quarks of your soul.

Third House:  Communicate your love through actions. Bake a strawberry pie or whip up some hibiscus coolers, go for a walk with a loved one. No, I didn’t just go all domestic goddess on you, but it’s important to keep this energy on the plus side. Avoid arguing with family members and stay out of anything explosive between neighbors. Take turns reading The Art of War aloud. It’s okay to give yourself a little time alone, don’t become enslaved by the needs of others.

Fourth House:  The Libra-Aries axis with the Aries Super Moon in our 4th House asks us to be creative in balancing the needs of our home life with the needs of our public life. This House speaks of not only our childhood but the latter years of our lives. Whatever drama you have going on at home, focus on giving yourself that thing that was denied you in earlier years whether that be attention, security or a strong father figure. It’s never to late to Re-Warrior yourself.

Fifth House:  Good times! Perfect time for a new creative project. This is our “fun house” and the emphasis here is on romance, children and creativity (oh ok, and sports if that’s your thing). Though this lunation can indicate break-ups for relationships that are shaky, others needn’t be concerned. The message I get from my Eclipse Tarot reading is to concentrate on beginning an innovative project that taps into your creativity. Innovative in that it doesn’t matter if it makes anyone else happy! If you need inspiration, anything that starts with red and gold glitter ends up as a win.

Sixth House:  Themes of service are highlighted. How do you work and how does that affect your health? Changes in job, diet, as well as psychic changes might be coming up here. Who doesn’t dread Monday morning on Sunday night? Use the anxiety to promise yourself you’ll make the needed changes in your life that serve both yourself and others. Strap on a helmet as you go barreling forward. In practical terms you can always clean up your work space, and your body. Why not sit in a bath full of water tinted red by food coloring and meditate on clearing out all forms of stagnation? Rub-a-dub and let the Universe tell you what your next move should be while you power bathe!

Seventh House:  You have a chance to face your spouse or business partner with courage and honesty. Put yourself first and stop expecting others to do it for you. They won’t. Sorry babes but that’s for real. If your 7th House is ruled by Aries, you may be prone to attracting difficult partners. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a good relationship, but you’ve got to learn to mother yourself–whatever the equipment you’re packing. Go out and buy yourself a bunch of red roses and commit to a fresh start as things start to get serious…with you.

Eighth House:  Alright now, keep your mind on your own $! If someone you know is having money drama, try and offer a little hope. Don’t rely too much on superficial judgements about others. This is the sexy House of Death, reminiscent of that Byronic manse, draped in crushed red velvet. Instead of trying to manage someone else’s finances, see if you can’t offer a little nurturing instead. Help them get into warrior mode and out of the red debt. Trust me, it will be to your benefit in the end, how’s that for selfish? Or, put another way, how’s that for self interest? Balance your need for security with other people’s need for security, and put on your best red negotiating dress. You may get a pleasant surprise.

Ninth House:  Get up and get down! Why are you not on a plane right now? Oh, what’s that? You’re busy re-reading or re-writing CG Jung’s Redbook? With this Harvest Moon Eclipse falling in your 9th House the Hermit gets off his duff and out into the neighborhood. If you absolutely can’t afford to cross an ocean right now, just for funsies write the name of your favorite countries in red ink and pick up a delicious book that challenges all those old dead white guys who told you what to believe in college. You know, Kierkegaard would have been a lot smarter if he’d even spent one night at the disco. Now’s your chance to prove it.

Tenth House:  Well I’m sorry we aren’t all having as much fun as those 9th House gadabouts, but somebody has got to keep a grip on it all. Tenth House is career and your mother and, yeah, how do you mash that into a sauce? Try to use this Bloody Moon to release foolish pride {as opposed to authentic “I did good I feel good” feelings} around your public self. Once in a while, it’s okay to do what’s called for on a moment’s notice and not worry about looking bad. If you are a figure of authority, you must temper your power with justice. And EVERYBODY is a figure of authority somewhere in their life with someone. Remember, sometimes the only justice there is in the world is the justice we make. Be the flower in the gun.

Eleventh House:  Where do you fit in with your friends? Are you the redheaded step child? It wouldn’t be okay to sit this one out while your friends go hang gliding, you should actually be leading the adventure. There could be some creative or financial culmination coming to a head with the Total Lunar Eclipse in your Eleventh House. The tension here is between our inner need for individual creative expression and the outer ability to put aside our ego in a group. This can be agonizing as we try to push our selfish need to express aside for the greater needs of the group. It’s okay to lead your band of misfits into this night, looking like the most unlikely leader ever to troop onto the social minefield. Keep it about service to others and enjoy your hot night out.

Twelfth House:  This Eclipse emphasizes your spiritual renewal. When we’re talking about the average person, a lot of 12th House activity indicates putting up with other people’s crap. For you, the crop this Harvest Moon yields is a new emotional understanding. You have been slowly reaping on the backroads of life, a little seed here and a little ruby there. Now is the time to put them all together and contemplate what you have learned and to be the beneficiary of that knowledge. I know it’s not fair that the other children are getting lip gloss and sparkly stuff and now it’s like that time your grandma gave you a pair of socks for your birthday and I’m all “but they’re spiritual socks dear!” Put the magic socks on and let this Moon burn out all the old so you can launch the fuq outta there, because this House is haunted.

What else is new? We’ll be talking about Pluto direct in Capricorn as of the 25th and Saturn in Sagittarius next time as we swim on through the murky Retrograde depths. Happy Full Mooning!


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