Nothing Can Stay The Same

You’re about to time travel. That future you’ve always dreamed about? It’s here. Six months from now, you will look back on this moment and today will feel long ago.

First up: Mercury Retrograde. What can I say? Merc Retro gets such a bad rap, and I get it, your computer is on the fritz and you locked your keys in your car. But wait! I’ve often found the Merc Retro forces me to fix long standing electronic issues and make me s-l-o-w down and pay attention to wtf I’m doing. Where is Libra in your chart? This Retrograde is happening in Libra and so it’s a great time to REview Libran themes such as partnerships, art and balance, a lot of romance and finance review in whatever house this falls in your chart. Go yin or go home during Mercury Retrograde. This through-a-glass darkly phase will peak on October 9th and the shadow period will weaken progressively until October 24th when you come out the other side with new knowledge gleaned from this Libran Mercury fever dream. Expect old lovers to show up.

Next: The Autumnal Equinox blows the new season in on Wednesday, September 21st at 1:20 a.m. Again, the focus as the Sun shifts into Libra is on relating, joining the Mercury Retrograde her own bad self and the current North Node. Surprise, relationships of the type discussed above are still the focus. Take a moment to pick an Autumn leaf off the ground and add it to your alter or put it in a place where you can see it–this is the first step in being in harmony with Nature and the changing season.

The Harvest Moon: Coming the end of September on the 28th is the third major player in this line up. In fact, there is actually too much happening to cover in this post in addition to what I’ve listed we have Pluto going direct on Friday, September 25th and a Uranus-Pallas Athena-Venus Grand Trine happening on Tuesday, September 22nd, Scorpio will be entering Sagittarius. The Harvest Full Moon on steroids is also an Aries Lunar Eclipse so we’ll be looking at that Libra/Aries axis and meditation on spiritual warriorship and how to facilitate that in yourself. Things are moving fast kids, the Universe is giving you the energy, now you have to get your sail up.

In order to get the flavor of the coming new season, I have pulled the following cards* for you to use in your journey forward:

Current: Three of Ghosts, focus on the love of your friends and togetherness especially those for whom you have platonic love.

Transformation: The Knight of Bats, energetic, rushing, wild energy–hard to control. So don’t, focus on meditation to prepare yourself.

Outcome: Three of Pumpkins, find your team. Don’t do it alone. Work together to accomplish your goals. If you’re a “I’ll do it all myself” person I am talking to you. If you know of an elderly person alone, try and hook them up to helping organizations. No one gets left behind.

*I’m using a Halloween deck which corresponds to: Bats=Wands, Ghosts=Cups, Pumpkins=Pentacles.


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