Who Will You Be?

Venus went direct today ending a lot of romantic and financial shenanigans that shadowed most of summer. Mercury will be going Retrograde in Libra beginning on September 17th and going through October 9th, we are well into the shadow at the moment so no, you’re not imagining things.

The big news I want you to prepare for is Saturday, September 12th where we have a New Moon AND a solar eclipse happening.This Virgo New Moon take place at 11:41 p.m. PST and the Virgo Solar Eclipse happens minutes later at 11: 54 p.m. PST. Do you want to have a rare, instant transformation? Start whatever IT is, even if it is writing your intention at exactly 11:54 p.m. PST. This is one of the few time I am not going to blather on about hard work, etc., just fly your kite into this energy and the universe will do the work.

Virgo energy relates to all the usual you’ve heard, health, service…but what does that mean? Virgo keeps you alive with her ancient secret earth magic. She is your shaman godmother secret agent. So, see how you can apply Virgo magic to whatever area of your life you wish to transform. Virgo brings the analysis if you need to make a decision, it’ll be pretty black and white. Tip: Where is Virgo happening in your chart? That’s what’s being activated, and full effects may be felt up to 6 months after the eclipse.

Through the Houses:

First and Seventh Axis:  Calls into question personal identity versus relationships.  Marriage, divorce, co-dependency, change of job or other partnerships. Bring a clinical eye, does something need to change? Is a relationship affecting your health?

Second and Eighth:  Your money and possessions versus other people’s money and possessions. Where is the balance between your security and the security of others?

Third and Ninth: Your ability to communicate and your store of knowledge, are they in sync? For example, can a Virgo 3rd House share a Piscean 9th House spiritual message? Your neighborhood and the world at large, how are you part of the global picture? Are you helping?

Fourth and Tenth: This axis emphasizes work and home life balance. Where do you need to be putting your energy and service, how can you bring the public and the private together for the highest good?

Fifth and Eleventh: What’s more important for you right now? Your social team, or your romantic partner? If you’re Virgo 11th house, focus on your social groups and let that sonbitch go!

Sixth and Twelvth: Let it go. Worry and remorse are not an appropriate mantra if you are a 12th house Vigoan. Focus on building a stable routine and structure. Structure allows for limitation, it’s a necessity for moving forward.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is a Girl’s Basketball Team. Female energy real or metaphorical, joined together is what it takes to get that spiritual slam dunk. Decide who you’re gonna be and tell the Universe your intention the moment of the upcoming partial Solar Eclipse.


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