The Virgo sun is complemented by the Capricorn moon today. That’s the picture of the Corpse Bride from Virgo Sun, Cap moon Tim Burton who created a movie of the same name. I love a good Capricorn moon in a person, they have such astute observations and frankly, are so funny. They are the CEO’s of the zodiac. Capricorn is one of the hardest moon placements in that there seems to be a universal lack of maternal nurturing in earlier life and in adulthood, seagoats struggle with being kind to themselves. To harness today’s lunar energy, focus on root vegetables. Wear navy or gray and try a meditation with a good piece of quartz sitting in a bit of dirt. Yep, dirt.

Corpse Bride Emily is kind of an uber virgin. Dead before marriage and free, originally virgin meant an unmarried or free woman. Virgo embodies the three phases of womanhood so succinctly as maiden, earth mother and later on crone. The crone knows all the herbs and potions for all the ails. Ol’ Uncle Jupiter is at 3 degrees virgo today, heightening the themes of service and health. Virgo magic is earth magic, This is a great day to get things done, make plans concrete.


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